User Accounts and Program Access

  soupz 23:52 03 Mar 2009


When I set up a User account for another member of my family, there are programs installed which I do not wish them to use and would like to remove these programs as I only use them and they are installed in my own account (Administrator).

I do know that when i initially installed these programs, many did ask if I wanted to install for current or all user but I always selected default i.e all users and never imagined that i would be sharing my computer. I would prefer not to have to unistall and reinstall every program as there are many and would take too long.

So i'm here to ask if there is maybe a quicker way?

Thank You in advance! ;)

  lotvic 00:29 04 Mar 2009

Is it XP Home or XP Pro or Vista?

(I would be inclined to get another PC for them to mess with and not let them loose on yours :0))

  soupz 22:28 04 Mar 2009

Hi Lotvic!

Sorry i couldnt reply earlier! was at work ;)

I have vista Home installed! I would get another computer but cant afford even a netbook at the moment! haha..

  CalmCookie 22:52 04 Mar 2009

Your could always use the PARENTAL CONTROLS in Cotnrol Panel....

Click to open Parental Controls. ? If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Click the name of the person you want to prevent from using specific programs.

Under Parental Controls, click On.

Click Allow and block specific programs.

Click Person's name? can only use the programs I allow in this list.

Select the programs that you want to allow. If the program you want doesn't appear in the list, click Browse to locate the program.

Make sure that you select all of the programs that you want your child to be able to run. Parental Controls will block any program not selected in the list.


  soupz 23:27 04 Mar 2009

Hi Calmcookie!

Thank You for that tip! I just had a go at doing what you mentioned but it seems that all the programs still show but when I attempt to lauch one, a warning box pops up saying the administrator has blocked access. I suppose it serves my intentions, but my sister might find it a bit patronising since she is older than me,, haha...

I'm guessing there may not be any other way to completely remove the programs from showing on the desktop and programs menu permanently apart from unistalling and reinstalling?

  CalmCookie 23:37 04 Mar 2009

If you are in her profile then you can just right click and delete the short icons on the desktop and also from the All Programs menu that you don't want her to have access to. They will still be available if she found them in the Program Files folder...but with the parental controls won't be able to access them.


  CalmCookie 23:39 04 Mar 2009

The Icons on the desktop and in the All Programs menu are only Short Cut icons to the main program thats installed in Program Files on the drive.
By deleting these icons you are not deleting the program...


  soupz 20:29 05 Mar 2009


Thats Great News! Thanks Calmcookie! I didnt realise that about the start/programs menu just being shortcuts.

You been really great in helping me and cannot thank you enough! Your a great person! :)

  Daya 23:13 05 Mar 2009

Is it safe to allow access to this programme:
Unidentified Publisher
c:\program file\PC-Doctor for Windows\pcdr5cuiw32.exe

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