User Accounts / Profiles question

  SB23 15:28 23 Sep 2006

Under my pc's user accounts, there are 3 listed.

1. Myself
2. My wife
3. Guest

This is not a problem, but while I was cleaning up a few things I came across the user profiles. The question is, what is the unknown account used for, and why does it have a size of 12mb?

Is it an account that Windows has created for some reason, whether it is or not, can I delete it without affecting my system?



  GaT7 15:33 23 Sep 2006

Guest Account - I don't think you can 'delete' it, but it can be turned off with no ill-effects. G

  SB23 15:39 23 Sep 2006

Its the unknown account listed under the user profiles that I'm alittle concerned about. The quest account is fine.
The unknown account is in addition to the other three.

  SB23 15:39 23 Sep 2006

quest should be guest, sorry.

  GaT7 16:01 23 Sep 2006

What's the name of this unknown account please? Is it showing up in Windows Explorer - C:\Documents and Settings?

In addition to my account (in Windows Explorer), I've a 'Default User' (344kb) & 'All Users' (55Mb) accounts (screenshot click here), while it's only my account & 'Guest' accounts in Control Panel > User Accounts. G

  SB23 16:09 23 Sep 2006

In documents and settings there are 6 accounts and 2 logs.

Administrator, Default User, All Users, Wifes Name, Wifes name.HOME, Me, and the 2 logs.

  SB23 16:11 23 Sep 2006

The other thing is the fact that under control panel, there are 3 accounts. Mine, my wifes, and the guest.
What are the others for?

  SB23 16:24 23 Sep 2006

I've just had a look at some of the accounts, and they all contain folders called Nethood, sndrec, one had a folder called printhood, and they all contain various shortcuts to programs that are on the pc.
Whats all that about?

  GaT7 16:29 23 Sep 2006

"The other thing is the fact that under control panel, there are 3 accounts" - but you also mention the presence of 'the unknown account' in your 1st post. What's the name of this unknown account please, & where's it showing up?

On my PC, as I'm the Administrator a separate one doesn't show up for me in Explorer - so that explains that.

I've just changed the Explorer view to List & see that the 'Default User' was created the day I first installed WinXP last year.

The date for 'All Users' doesn't make sense, dated 11/08/2006. As far as I recall I've always seen it there. G

  GaT7 16:32 23 Sep 2006

"....and they all contain folders called Nethood, sndrec, one had a folder called printhood...."

All accounts will have [some] similar folders as they need to have access to various folders, applications, etc - so I think it's normal. G

  Fingees 16:32 23 Sep 2006

I found two other accounts in control panel about two weeks ago.

I removed them, and all still works ,so you could do the same.

Make sure you create a restore point prior to doing this, in case something needs to be there, I can't think what.

all the best.

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