Used XP Pro disc to repair XP mce!

  Alien Life Form 15:20 01 Aug 2007

I need help badly!! I was attacked by a virus so wanted to do a repair or complete reinstall of XP mce.

I wasn't given an XP mce disc with my PC so I used a XP Pro CD to do just a 'repair' of windows (as I thought it would just repair basic windows files and leave everything else intact).

It then seemed to go through an installation process. A couple of pop-ups came up about allowing/disallowing the installation of Bluetooth Fax modem and Radeon X600 Series. I clicked yes to allow both but was then asked for the disc. These things were both pre-installed on my PC so I don't have discs.
I clicked cancel and the installation continued.

When the intallation finished I was asked for a product key- I wasn't expecting this for just a repair of windows (rather than a complete installation). As my product key is for XP mce it was invalid.
There was no way then to cancel the installation and I had to turn the PC off at the socket. When I turned it back on I was taken straight back to the XP Pro installation. There is nothing I can do!

I found a product key on the microsoft website that is valid for 14 days. Could I use this and then get an XP mce CD and do an installation over the top of XP Pro?
Also does it matter what XP mce CD I use? Retail/upgrade/oem? In system proprties I noticed the key has oem in it (something like xxxxx-oem-xxxxx-xxxxx).

I have a Philips Freeline LS1300 with a SATA HD (maxtor).

Another problem I have now though is when I try to go through the XP Pro installation again, the mouse freezes when I'm asked whether to allow/disallow Radeon X600 Series, but I will try to boot from the disc and start the repair again.

Please help! What should I do?

  lotvic 16:17 01 Aug 2007

You can buy recovery media for £30 from the link

click here

  Alien Life Form 17:28 01 Aug 2007

Thanks for your reply.

Is that my only option? Can I not continue with the XP Pro install with the product key from microsoft that's valid for 14 days, and then install XP mce after reformatting the HD?
I am pretty broke at the moment!

  lotvic 20:00 01 Aug 2007

click here={f0322167-293f-4ea2-bcd4-69df3ea7e078}&CatID={7339f8cc-8ee8-4a1d-a8c4-16e52a025b65}
I hope you are able to use the F10 button to go back to factory settings XPmce
If you wiped the harddrive during the process when you tried to repair with ordinary XP disk and so started a clean install then the F10 may not work for you.

  lotvic 20:02 01 Aug 2007
  Stuartli 20:06 01 Aug 2007

Too late...:-(

  lotvic 20:14 01 Aug 2007

sigh ;-(

  Alien Life Form 21:17 01 Aug 2007

Too late to use F10? What should I do?
Can I use the product key for XP Pro from microsoft which is valid for 14 days then do a complete reinstall of XP mce once I'm back on?
Will XP Pro have the correct drivers etc for my PC to work?

I have been advised to get a recovery CD from Phillips but I would prefer to use the above method if it is possible as I'm short on money.
Also, someone else told me that a recovery disc won't work because I've already deleted the original OS. Is this true?

PS. Thanks for the link lotvic, will have a look now

  lotvic 22:03 01 Aug 2007

LS1300 menu page click here

The recovery kit consists of the recovery CD/DVD set, and a user guide to assist you in resetting your PC back to its original factory settings.
The CDs include an operating system, drivers, and other applications. click here

For those following this thread click here for thread on pcworld forum

  Alien Life Form 23:07 01 Aug 2007

Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it.

Is it not true that the recovery CD's won't work because I've deleted the original OS by starting the XP Pro install?

Can I not use the method I mentioned above - Use an XP Pro product key to finish the installation and get my pc working, and then do a clean install of XP mce?

At the moment I am using an extremely slow laptop because of not being able to use my PC. If it is possible to enter an XP Pro product key and finish the installation then I could use my PC immediately.

If not, would I need the complete recovery set for £55 or just the £35 one?

If I can sort this without needing to part with any money I would be extremely grateful!!

Thanks again

  woodchip 23:19 01 Aug 2007

Sorry to say this, but doing things on the cheap hardly ever works

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