Used a quarter of my download limit in 3 days

  TommyRed 21:21 03 Apr 2005

I've just upgraded my BB to 2Mb and it's capped at 2Gb per month. I've just checked my usage at my ISP's site and it says I've used 235Mb, 55Mb and 160Mb over the past 3 days. The kids downloaded 14 songs and a small program (approx. 2.5Mb) on day 1 but nothing significant since, so why the large usage? I watched a 3min interview from the BBC Sport site today. Any way I can check whats being downloaded? TIA TR

  powerless 21:30 03 Apr 2005

click here

Look at this...^

You can also see what is happening from the two blinking monitors in the sys tray. Just double click it.

  TommyRed 21:24 04 Apr 2005

I downloaded it but now can't find it, I really need to find out whats eating up all my download usage I've used over 300Mb today and I haven't downloaded anything. I ran Spybot and no immediate threats where found, but of the minor ones 1 couldn't be deleted. It was a log "Activity:SchedLgU.Txt C:/WINDOWS/SchedLgU.Txt" If this isn't it would a HijackThis log be worth doing? Have also run Adaware, A squared and Avast virus cleaner. XP home with SP2, AVG & Sygate(updated regularly). BTW I've now found it and left it running but not sure how to configure it. TIA TR

  accord 21:30 04 Apr 2005

i downloaded it and it asks me to either open the file or save it. I saved it to desktop and installed it from there.

  paddyjack 21:31 04 Apr 2005

From memory this subject was raised a few weeks ago, and it was suggested then that it was not a download cap but a usage cap, so just loging on eats into this amount.

I am open to correction on this.

  SEASHANTY 21:42 04 Apr 2005

When not using the PC why do you not just switch everything OFF.

  gudgulf 21:55 04 Apr 2005

Remember that all web browsing and email will contribute to your usage but it still seems a high figure.Have you checked what programs run at start-up? Have your kids been at the computer again?

  Wi-Fi 22:06 04 Apr 2005

The best thing is get unlimited broadband.

  Daveboy 22:46 04 Apr 2005

Are you (or youngsters) file sharing music etc. you may find your shared folder is being hit a lot , clear it out and leave a few morsels in to keep em sweet.

  Jak_1 01:16 05 Apr 2005

As has been stated, capacities include all net useage including email , downlads saved to hdd and general surfing. Don't forget online gaming and messenger! GB is a very low capacity, I can exceede that in one day! A classic case of wanting speed at low cost = low capacity. Sorry to be blunt but you get what you pay for.

I would suggest upgrading to a higher capacity and paying the extra. Is the extra speed you get with a 2MB connection realy worthwile in terms of usage against capacity.

It is for this reason why I remain on a 512KB connection but get unlimited bandwidth!

You have to remember that all you see on your screen is a download, saved or not and forms part or your capacity. There are also unseen things using up that capacity also!

  ddd3 02:22 05 Apr 2005

I'm getting upgraded sometime this month, and I'll then be limited to 10Gig a month. Seems like a bit of a liberty. At 512Kb I have unlimited usage and would probably never acheive 10 Gb, but I get the upgrade to 2Mb whether I want it or not, and find myself heading towards the 10 Gb ceiling at 4 times the previous rate...

All I can say is, the first time I hit the ceiling I shall hit the roof... and move to an unlimited supplier. I'd suggest you do the same. Eventually they'll get the message.

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