Used a quarter of my download limit in 3 days

  TommyRed 21:20 03 Apr 2005

I've just upgraded my BB to 2Mb and it's capped at 2Gb per month. I've just checked my usage at my ISP's site and it says I've used 235Mb, 55Mb and 160Mb over the past 3 days. The kids downloaded 14 songs and a small program (approx. 2.5Mb) on day 1 but nothing significant since, so why the large usage? I watched a 3min interview from the BBC Sport site today. Any way I can check whats being downloaded? TIA TR

  octal 21:33 03 Apr 2005

That's really interesting, because although I haven't bothered to upgrade I've been experimenting with various download monitors to get some meaningful reading on downloads, the trouble is they all seem to record broadcast traffic as well as your own download traffic. I haven't managed to get anyone to give me a definitive answer if this broadcast traffic counts towards your download.

Even when the Internet is not being used, there still is traffic being recorded because the network card is still connected to the ISP. I wonder if this is what you are seeing?

Since 21:20 hrs my net monitor says I've downloaded 2MB and I've only been on this site. It sits there at about 3 - 6KBit/s all the time when I'm doing nothing.

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