Used compressed air to clean fan/ fan doesn't work-HELP!!

  bob dob 13:40 09 Jul 2011

Hi, I foolishly used a compressed can of air to blow the dust from my gf's laptop's air vent without using a matchstick/similar to stop the fan turning, the fan no longer works and the laptop now shuts off after 5 minutes from, i would guess, overheating.

This happened once before about a year ago and, strangely, after a while the fan started working again as normal.

Please can anyone offer any advice on what i now need to do to resolve this?

  gengiscant 13:55 09 Jul 2011

You do not say what make/model laptop, is it not possible to remove the fan cover on your laptop? I certainly could on my old Toshiba.

  bob dob 13:56 09 Jul 2011

Sorry, it is a HP Pavilion pv4 100ea. Does that help?

  gengiscant 14:24 09 Jul 2011
  onthelimit1 15:21 09 Jul 2011

If you mean dv4, then disassembly guide here (but it does need a major strip).

  bob dob 15:56 09 Jul 2011

Thanks Onthelimit, that is the one! By 'a major strip', do you mean the fan needs replacing?

  gengiscant 16:33 09 Jul 2011

I doubt it, its likely that by using the compressed air you have perhaps blown a nice bit of dirt which is blocking the fan.You should be able to access without too much problem, failing that take it to someone.

  onthelimit1 17:14 09 Jul 2011

From the manual, it looks as though a complete strip would be needed to either clear a blockage that may be stopping the fan or replacing it. If you're not familiar with taking lappies apart, I'd follow gengiscant's suggestion.

  bob dob 18:18 10 Jul 2011

SUCCESS!! I used a toothpick to move the fan, then used a vacuum (from a distance) and it span/spun again. Started the laptop and now it runs perfectly again! Great stuff! One thing i must say- the fan looked 'caked' in dust, or even moist dust- i say this because even with the vacuum it wouldn't shift the covering of dust. Would taking it to a computer repair shop be an answer to getting it cleaned? What i mean is- is this a common problem where the fan itself gets caked in dust?

  onthelimit1 18:23 10 Jul 2011

Common problem, partcularly if used on a soft surface (blanket, bedding etc) - better to use a tray. Computer shop would charge a lot if the full strip is reqd. As you've got it working, I'd wait and see!

  robin_x 19:06 10 Jul 2011

I've done my Compaq (fairly similar).

Fan got sticky when quite new. Would not turn or made a hell of a racket. BSOD no-boot, or sometimes just got into W7 before crashing. (I'd already voided the warranty by fixing a broken screen)

It is a full strip. All panels and top bezels, keyboard, top cover off.

My fan had a metal cover with 4 x Philips #0 screws. Fan blades pulled off axis. ie as you look down on the fan label, pull it towards your face. Not fixed. Magnetically held in place by the coils. No need to remove the copper heat pipe and bugger around with heatsink paste.

I spun it and oiled it. And it's fine.

It is about the last component accessible tho'.

Fruitbat had a link for an Acer or Toshiba the other day. All you have to do is unscrew one panel. Those lucky, lucky owners.

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