Use Word to change phone number?

  Graham* 15:50 14 Feb 2012

PictureBucket shows the item I need to change the phone number on. I can open it in Word but I can't see a way to edit it. Originally created in Word, I saved it using the Snipping Tool to save as a jpg. I have now saved it as a Word doc.

  Diemmess 16:14 14 Feb 2012

I am afraid that all you have now is a picture (jpg)

You need a fancy photo editor software or a vector graphic one.

The principle which I would follow in outline is to encircle the text you want to change and fill with white (Luckily white is the background). Then type in the text you want and save the result)

There are all sorts of snags along the way, starting with a small picture in Word. Do you know anyone who can do this for you. If you have to go the picture editing way it might be better to scan the old letterhead at higher definition and start with smooth lines and edges.

If you have Corel Draw or Illustrator, you could quickly build this from scratch. There may be cheaper versions of both. Other members may help from their own experience.

  Graham* 17:25 14 Feb 2012

Thanks, that's what I thought. I'll zap it onto my trusty laptop and clone brush it on Picture It! I'd make a new one but I can't find the logo...

  Woolwell 18:23 14 Feb 2012

An OCR program will convert the picture's text back into a file than can be edited with Word. If you have a scanner then it probably came with a basic ocr program.

  alB 18:35 14 Feb 2012

Graham* cats protection


  Graham* 11:28 15 Feb 2012

PhotoBucket shows changed number now. I used Photoshop Elements 10.

This will be the new website once Office Live Small Business is closed down by Microsoft on 30th April. Lot of work to do on it yet.

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