Use spare XP Pro on friends computer?

  LAP 17:09 19 Jan 2008

My question is a friend has been sold a computer which has been updated from 2000 to Win XP o/s. He did not receive a disk hense he cannot get windows updates etc. Without a doubt he has been sold an illegal copy.

I have just purchase a new computer this has XP Pro o/s.

Can I give him my Win XP Pro disk + the serial number off my old computer? This computer is scrap.

If so. Is it just the case of installing XP Pro over the top?

  MAJ 17:12 19 Jan 2008

If it's a full XP disk, then yes. If it's an OEM XP disk, then, no.

  MAJ 17:14 19 Jan 2008

"If so. Is it just the case of installing XP Pro over the top?"

He'll probably need to reinstall Windows from the start.

  birdface 17:15 19 Jan 2008

Doubtfull.If all you have is the OEM sticker on your computer it will not work.

  birdface 17:19 19 Jan 2008

What makes him think that it is not a legal copy.Is he getting reminders from Microsoft to verify the Keycode.

  LAP 17:20 19 Jan 2008

MAJ thanks for the reply. Just looked at the disk and it states '.....was pre-installed on your hard drive at the factory and may only be used for backup and recovery...'

Do I take it from this that the answer is NO?

  LAP 17:22 19 Jan 2008

buteman, because it states words to the effect that the copy of Win XP cannot be verfied etc.

  MAJ 17:23 19 Jan 2008

Answer is No, then, LAP.

  Pamy 17:23 19 Jan 2008

You said your riend did not have a disk, so is this your disk you are refering to?

  LAP 17:25 19 Jan 2008

Thanks all for your help.

I just want to clarify that My old computer that has just now gone in the bin. I have the serial number plus a disk.

My new computer also has a serial number plus a disk.

  birdface 17:29 19 Jan 2008

Not looking to good then.Looks as though your friend will need to purchase a proper XP PRO Disc.Shop about and you will get it cheaper.

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