Use the'Safe to remove hardware 'control

  jack 15:42 23 Aug 2008

And te whole drive idssappears and needs a reboot to get it back.
I am referring to a USB multicard reader

I am sure in the past I could remove the card and the drives remained.
Just a moment ago however when I used it and did the 'Safe to' thing- the whole lot went.
Hmm some thing amiss here is it?
Installing SP3 made a mess of things did it?
What do you all think.
Now after posting this I'll reboot to see if it comes back

  BurrWalnut 15:58 23 Aug 2008

Unless the default has been changed, ‘Safely Remove’ a USB device is only necessary for devices that are using ‘delayed write’, like internal hard disks.

With devices like memory keys go to Start > Run type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter to see if the drive shows up under ‘Disk drives‘. If so, right-click it > Properties > Policies Tab and check if you have a ‘Quick Removable’ check box. A USB external drive should have a check in this box. Reboot if you change anything.

Hard disk drives use ‘Optimize for performance‘ and also ‘Enable write caching on the disk’. I suggest you always use the same port and don’t be too hasty in unplugging a device that has just been written to.

  Technotiger 16:02 23 Aug 2008

I never use the 'safely remove' after using my card-reader. Just make sure that no reading or writing is taking place before removing the item.

  Pine Man 16:06 23 Aug 2008

...this is their advice:- 'You should be able to unplug any USB device as soon as the hard drive stops flashing to say data is being read from it. In practice it's still wise to remove hardware safely by right-clicking the drive icon and confirming you want communications to stop.'

  DieSse 16:11 23 Aug 2008

If you "Safely Remove" a USB attached device, then the drive will stop (that's what it's supposed to do).

If the "drive" is a card reader, then the card reader will stop. It won't start again until it's reconnected (eg by a reboot). The device is the reader - not the card.

So what you're seeing now is exactly what I would expect to see.

  DieSse 16:15 23 Aug 2008

PS - I did just test it on my card reader, and it behaves exactly like I said, and like yours does.

  six-h 16:45 23 Aug 2008

did that, and when I complained to them, they replaced the card reader.
Turns out that this is normal behaviour.
However, I found that apart from disabling "Cache writing", if you LEFT click on the safely remove icon, it actually names the drive that you are wanting to remove ie. the message says "safely remove mass storage device "K" (or what ever letter it has assigned to the card in question).
The "Device", (Card reader) remains available.

  woodchip 17:31 23 Aug 2008

jack with cards You can remove without using Safe Remove, provided you make sure that the card is not been written to at the time. Well thats how I do it.

Mine as lights on the card reader it fits in a Bay

  jack 18:54 23 Aug 2008

OK thank you all ,nowt to do then

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