Use of Panasonic DVD/HDD recorder DMR-EX75EB

  DiJay 00:01 28 Sep 2006

I recently purchased this machine and am very happy with it. Apart from TV recording, I have used it to download Camcorder digital tapes very successfully onto HDD and then DVDs.

But I have hit a problem and hope someone can help me resolve it. I cannot find a way of getting my VHS recorder to play through the DVD/HDD recorder so that I can down load old VHS tapes on DVDs.

I think I have connected it all up in accordance with p64 of the User Manual diagrams, and have played around with changing relevent Connections Set-Up controls (on p50) in case these were incorrectly setup. But it still wont work.

I can only play the old VHS tapes on the TV if I turn the DVD/HDD recorder off.

I cannot see what I am doing wrong.
Can this machine record off a VHS recorder?

Any help would be most appreciated.


  johnnyrocker 00:05 28 Sep 2006

what make vcr and what outputs does it have (usually scart) backed on to that what inputs does the dvd recorder have and does it have a tuner of it's own?


  DiJay 00:20 28 Sep 2006

Johnny, Thanks for your enquiry. The VCR is a Toshiba V711UK with two scart connectors. I have a scart from AV1 on the VCR into AV2 of the DVD/HDD. The AV1 socket of the DVD/HDD goes to scart 1 on the TV (a Toshiba 28ZD06B). The DVD/HDD recorder has it own (single) tuner for analogue and free view channels.

Does this help?
Many thanks. DiJay

  FatboySlim71 11:14 28 Sep 2006

Could you let me know if this works. Thanks

I have the next model up from this, the EX85 which is identical to the EX75 apart from the EX85 has a larger hard drive, although I have not got around to transfering my VHS tapes on to the EX85, I did email panasonic and asked them how I would be able to transfer VHS on to my EX85 and this is what they said,

Connect the VCR AV2 to the DVD recorder AV2 via scart lead and select A2 as
the recording source using the input select button on the DVD recorder.
Press play on the VCR and record on the DVD recorder. Please ensure that
you are using and fully wired, screened scart lead and also that the
material you are trying to copy is not protected.

You can then dub from the HDD to disc on the DVD recorder.

  DiJay 01:22 29 Sep 2006

FatboySlim71- Many thanks for your suggestion. I had tried to email Panasonic myself but their website really didn't seem to want me to contact them so I gave up!

I have followed your suggestions, but even with these connections, I still get no picture on the TV and nothing records on the HDD.

The only way I can get the VCR picture on the TV screen is to use an additional Scart lead between AV1 on the VCR and the second Scart terminal on the TV (the first is connected to the DVD Recorder), but the DVD Recorder still wont record the A2 signal despite A2 being selected on the DVD Recorder but records a TV programme.

Since only Scart connectors are used (apart from a few aerial leads between the various machines as instructed in the Panasonic manual), do I need to tune anything to anything else- I thought it should do it all automatically with Scarts?

If you were intending to download some VHS tapes sometime, would it be possible for you please to try the Panasonic advice and see if it works on a short section of one of your tapes on your gear? That would be most helpful for me to know what to try next.

Many thanks

  GRFT 06:50 29 Sep 2006

The procedure descibed by FatboySlim71 works OK with my DMR-E95H. The only problem is I can't monitor the tape as it's being copied.
Also look out for Macrovision-protected tapes. The logo might be displayed at the beginning of the tape; or it might not, in which case you'll be baffled at the "No Rec" message from the DVD recorder.
I don't think there are many such protected tapes around. Walt Disney and the BBC are just two I've come across.

  FatboySlim71 08:26 29 Sep 2006

Just a thought but in the email Panasonic sent me they said,

"Please ensure that
you are using fully wired, screened scart lead"

Can you be sure that the ones you have are of this type, generally if the scart leads are cheap there is a chance that they can be not fully wired or fully screened, if you are not sure of your type, I would go to a local independant audio visual retailer in your area and ask them for a fully wired fully screened scart lead, I generally find these independant retailers more knowledgable than the big chains. And have you followed the instructions exactly, and also selected/changed any input settings that the DVD recorder may need to use to record the input source (Video recorder)

This is Panasonics email address [email protected]

I will try to transfer some VHS tapes on my equipment but in the mean time it would be a good idea to email Panasonic and tell them exactly what problems and what you have been doing/done to transfer your video tapes onto your DVD recorder. Don't mark this as resolved as I will post back here when I get chance to transfer some VHS on to my equipment, not sure when this will be because I have recently moved and most of my things are still in boxes etc.

  FatboySlim71 14:44 29 Sep 2006

Just tried transfering some VHS video on to my EX85 by the following method,

Connected the VCR AV2 to the DVD recorder AV2 via scart lead and select A2 as
the recording source using the input select button on the DVD recorder.
Press play on the VCR and record on the DVD recorder. Please ensure that
you are using and fully wired, screened scart lead and also that the
material you are trying to copy is not protected.

Everything was transfered and I was able to watch what I had transfered from the video tape, on my DVD recorder.

The only thing that I could suggest would be that the scart leads you are using are not the fully wired fully screened type or that you have not exactly followed the instructions I have listed above or that that AV2 is not the connector you need to use on your VCR and it may be an idea to try the other one that is on your video recorder. If I were you I would email Panasonic at the email address I have listed and tell them exactly what you have done so far.

  DiJay 16:15 29 Sep 2006

Many thanks FatboySlim71 and GRFT for your comments and helpful suggestions.

I have just this afternoon successfully downloaded a VHS tape to the HDD of the EX75EB, but I had to rewire the leads by trial and error. I totally disconnected the aerial (RF in and out) leads from the VHS (which previously was the lead input) and scarted the VHS AV1 into HDD AV2. AV1 on the HDD was still scarted to TV AV1. HDD input to A2 as instructed. This gave me the VHS on the TV and this recorded onto HDD. Great!

Wired the way Panasonic seems to have advised, and which has obviously been fully or partially successful for both of you, there was no way my system would give a visible signal from the VHS onto the TV and when this non-signal was recorded onto the HDD there was no content to the listed recording.

GRFT- you could try my procedure perhaps as I can certainly monitor the tape as I play/record it.

I will email Panasonic as suggested, and refer them to this Helproom for them to catch up with developments. It is all a bit long to write out again for them.

My only complaint about Panasonic and the EX75EB is that they do not list a customer care email address in any of the manuals/literature, and the panasonic web site (which I tried) seems to be set up with standard issues which it is not easy to by-pass to ask about another topic. But in all other respects, they have made a great machine.

Many thanks to everyone who helped me. I will leave the site open for a while and hopefully Panasonic might input and GRFT will be able to monitor his tapes.

Many thanks

  LimestoneRock 17:08 29 Sep 2006

Could I just jump on to this topic please.With my Panasonic -DMR ES10 - I can record VCR through AV2 OK but if I decide NOT to watch what I am recording and switch to TV, I then discover later that the DVD recorder has switched as well so that I then get recorded TV program where the VCR tape content should have been. Any Ideas?

  FatboySlim71 18:57 29 Sep 2006

LimestoneRock, you need to start your own post for your problem, as this is known as hijacking a thread which will result in DiJay been emailed for replies to your post.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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