use old hd as storage in another pc

  camilla11 09:09 05 Aug 2009

I just realised I'd added to my previous thread!!

Does anyone know if (and how) an older hard drive can be used in another pc as extra storage please?
Reluctant to throw it away (even after cleaning!!)

  Technotiger 09:12 05 Aug 2009

Ooops - already answered in your other Post!

  camilla11 10:26 05 Aug 2009

Thanks Technotiger, I would prefer to install the hdd into existing pc, is that possible? Looking at the link you sent, it looks as though it would be used externally....I think.

  Technotiger 12:51 05 Aug 2009

Hi, yes you are correct, my link is for an External connection, a very useful gadget nevertheless. You could fit your old drive as a Slave drive, don't forget to set the Jumper, to the Slave position ... this might help ...

click here

  camilla11 13:01 05 Aug 2009

Hi Technotiger, I had it in my mind that the jumper would need to be switched to slave. Does the OS need to be left on it (XP Home), or would it have to be erased by re-formatting so that the disk would be blank?

  Zeppelyn 13:14 05 Aug 2009

The old OS would not work as is as would be set up for the old pc. As its to be used for storage then install it as a slave then format when you have booted into your current OS. Just go to My Computet, right click on the drive and select format.

  Technotiger 13:22 05 Aug 2009

Best to Format the old drive, as Zeppelyn said.

  pjwheeldon 13:57 05 Aug 2009

Further to comments on the need to format the drive, I have used the old HDD on a couple of occasions when upgrading to a larger, faster drive.

On both occasions I did a clean install of XP on the new drive, but left the old files on the original HDD. I just changed the jumpers to slave and also master for the new drive. Had no problems with this, and meant that I could simply drag and drop all my files which I wanted to keep onto my new drive.

Once I had everything I wanted, I just formatted the old drive so that I did not waste space having duplicate XP OS files on both drives.

  camilla11 14:44 05 Aug 2009

Thanks Technotiger, Zeppelyn and pjwheeldon, you've been a great help. I will leave this unresolved for now until I have done it.Thanks again. xxx

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