use for an old hard drive

  henry1 12:19 20 Aug 2006

Hi, I have recently got a new pc with 160gig hard drive, my old P3 with 10 gig is in the corner, I was going to format the hard drive but it won't let me format it says some program is running I have shut down everthing I can think of but no luck, if I could format it I was going to donate to a charity shop but have been advised that all the info is still there even if you use a shredder program. I am using my old monitor so its only the tower, keyboard and speakers. I have read best to take it to the tip but smash the hard drive first. Is it worth fitting 10gig in my new tower or just get rid.
thanks in advance

  SG Atlantis® 12:21 20 Aug 2006

get rid.

  Gongoozler 12:29 20 Aug 2006

I have an old drive that was given to me. The owner asked me to make sure that none of the data could be read. I removed the cover and use it to show the children in my Scout Group what the inside of a hard drive looks like, why it is called a hard drive and why a floppy disk is so called. This is a useful hands on experience as part of their IT badge.

  squareye 21:58 20 Aug 2006

Oooh it's so hard to chuck anything out when it's still going ok. What can you do with 10 gently clanking giga bytes? Stick it in the new machine if it isn't going to cause a problem, you should be able to format it from there at least,so that you could proceed with plan A; or you could use it for a back-up of documents or for music only, fill it with small games like pacman, or as a secret stash for artistic photos(!). Or dissect it for fun, (ideally before an appreciative audience of Cubs).The main thing is not to lose any sleep over it.

  octal 22:04 20 Aug 2006

Or bung Linux on it just to play with :-)

  jbaker65 09:29 21 Aug 2006

I think you will find that charity shops will not accept 'electrical' goods for some legal reason.

  Arnie 10:12 21 Aug 2006

One of the reasons being.

People who are qualified to check these items are not prepared to risk prosecution if someone is injured, because of a fault with the purchased items.

Many years ago, my local college stopped our technicians, including our resident electrician, carrying out electrical installation work,.
The college now uses contracting companies to carry out the work.
The contractors have 'broader shoulders', if you see what I mean.

  T0SH 10:25 21 Aug 2006

Get the free version of Kill Disk from here follow the directions to make a bootable Floppy disk or bootable CD

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Cheers HC

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