Use of old hard disc with a new Motherboard

  Al-Cat 21:28 07 Sep 2005

Help, I have just upgraded to a new MoBo. However I would like to use my existing master hard disk to boot from. It has XP Pro SP2, the machine comes to life as expected but Windows fails to boot up. It gets part way then re-boots and goes into a loop where I am told that Windows did not start up. Safe mode does not work either. I suspect it is the chipset drivers for my new MoBo but there is the Catch-22 I cannot install them unless I am in a Windows environment. I have tried a re-install using my original CD to boot from and selecting the repair option but that just stops with C:Windows. Anyone out there with a quick fix?

  ashdav 21:32 07 Sep 2005

you will have to perform a clean install as Windows sets up depending on the mobo it's connected to. You'll lose anything have on the disc unfortunately. It would be better to invest in a new hard drive then set your old one up as a slave to get your files back.

  Al-Cat 21:46 07 Sep 2005


Thanks for your response, that answer is what I expected. I was hoping for a shortcut to avoid re-installing all my SW and the hassle of getting it verified again especially Norton and Windows itself.

  lotvic 22:10 07 Sep 2005

Microsoft Knowledge Base click here
""This article describes how to replace a motherboard on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows XP, or Microsoft Windows 2000. Two typical reasons for replacing a motherboard are to upgrade an existing one and to replace a failed one. In either case, you must reconfigure Windows to work with the new motherboard and its components because not all motherboards use the same hardware abstraction layer (HAL), integrated device electronics (IDE) controllers, basic input/output system (BIOS), and other components.

The following are two scenarios that describe the steps that you must perform to reconfigure Windows to work with the new motherboard. Follow the steps for the scenario that is appropriate to your situation.""

  Al-Cat 22:39 07 Sep 2005



As I have already replaced the MoBo it is scenario 2 that is applicable. However the action described by Microsoft is what I have already done and as I said in my original posting it gets to C:Windows on the screen and then just sits there. I guess I will have to contact Microsoft directly.

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