USB3 card for PCI Slot

  highlands 17:25 17 Jan 2014

I want to implement USB3 on my aging Advent T9204 desktop and am trying to find a USB3 card with a PCI interface. They all seem to be PCI-Express. Some websites say USB3 needs PCIE as this is faster than PCI. Is this true?

Can you suggest a USB3/PCI supplier or another way to get USB3.

My Advent has an MS-7046 v1 mobo with 3 PCI slots (1 spare) and 1 PCIE X16 slot (full length). The PCIE X16 slot is used for my graphics card (no option to use integrated graphics as far as I am aware).

Any suggestions?

  rdave13 18:53 17 Jan 2014

No. USB 3 needs an express slot.

  rdave13 22:07 17 Jan 2014

4.8 GB transfer speed theoretical on a PCI-e slot. What Lazarus The 2nd links to is up to 1.3 GB bus limit. Both figures will not be attained and the PCI-e will give the faster speed. Just my humble opinion is that its not worth investing in. An e-sata card would be better in this instance I but again just my opinion.

  alanrwood 12:18 18 Jan 2014

The PCI bus only runs at 133Mb/s so putting a card in that runs at a far higher speed is not going to produce any significant change in speed. even worth considering

  highlands 19:22 18 Jan 2014

The concensus of replies suggests I will not find a USB3 PCI card. An alternative might be to free up my PCIE slot by buying a PCI (not PCI-express) graphics card. Even these are very hard to find .... can anyone make any suggestions and source / cost? I have found Zotac GT520 PCI but not sure if they are still available or if Zotac is still in business.

  rdave13 19:59 18 Jan 2014

There's one here but is ok for browsing and low demand gaming. You will have to search further for more options.

1]: [click here

  alanrwood 20:01 18 Jan 2014


That is an even worse scenario than the original. Under no circumstances should you throttle your graphics performance back down to PCI. Your graphics performance would then be woeful. Remember that you are using graphics 100% of the time and USB for very short periods in comparison.

For the extremely small difference in performance between USB2 and 3 in most circumstances it is not really worth bothering about. Remember that theoretical speeds are nowhere near practical speeds. Frankly you are trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear, as the saying goes. If you are trying to transfer lots of data between different sources think more in terms of using proper networking using ethernet or wi-fi.

  rdave13 20:13 18 Jan 2014

I agree with alanrwood's post. If you only need to transfer data to an external drive at a higher speed than usb 2, then buy an e-sata card for the PC and an e-sata enclosure for the drive. I get about 60 Mb/s transfer rate on a SATA 2 setup.

  alanrwood 12:07 19 Jan 2014

Or get a networked NAS box witha 1GB network interface. I regularly get a transfer of around 600MB/s. Only problem is the cost but I would not be without it.

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