USB2.0 CardBus PC Card not working as it should

  Chris Webster 23:53 02 Jan 2005

I’m hoping that someone can please help me out with the following.
I have bought a Newlink USB2.0 CardBus PC Card from Maplin but I’m having a problem with it. When I put the card into the PC card slot on my laptop all the drivers etc install with no problem and the Device Manager also says there are no problems and the PC card seems to work fine. When I use the System Tray icon to ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ I get the normal ‘Safe To Remove Hardware’ conformation bubble, then I remove the card from the slot.
The problem occurs when I reinsert the card straight back into the PC slot, I get no icon in the System Tray and the mouse, which is plugged into one of the USB Ports at the rear of my laptop freezes up, and so does the track pad pointer.
If I remove the card from the slot the mouse and track pad work normally again and if I restart the computer and then put the card back into the card slot it works as it should.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers through the Device Manager and have also tried using the supplied driver disc which says USB 2.0 Host Controller on it but it hasn’t cured the problem. I have tried looking on the ‘’ website but I cannot find out any information.
Any ideas anyone?
Thanks from Chris.
My system is as follows,

HP Pavilion ze4930EA (Laptop)
Windows XP Home Edition (SP2)
1.5 GHz Mobile Pentium M Processor 705
512MB Ram
One type l or ll PC card slot. CardBus-enabled

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:56 03 Jan 2005

When you click on safely remove hardware icon it effectively stops the drivers for that item.

This is why it will not work untill computer is rebooted.

Inserting the card while computer is switched on is likly to cause the contacts to burn and /or crash the computer. The only hot swap devices are the usb items themselves NOT the card.

  Chris Webster 16:42 03 Jan 2005

Fruit Bat,
Thanks for replying, that's where i'm going wrong then, i thought (wrongly it seems) that the cardbus was also hot swappable and not just the devices plugged into it.

Is it ok to leave the card in the slot all the time or do i need to turn off the drivers and remove to card before turning my laptop off?

Thanks, Chris.

  Chris Webster 16:52 03 Jan 2005

Do i put the cardbus in the slot before or after booting my laptop up. The first time i used the card i booted up first then put the card in and it self installed the required drivers.
Thanks, Chris.

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