USB2 - USB1.1 compatibility?

  Xevious 09:34 16 Jun 2003

am trying to connect an external HDD to my PC and have a USB2 cable, but only have USB1.1 ports.

OS is WinXP Pro, Win2K, WinME (on different machines!) and all get the same problem.

when i plug in the USB cable, it detectes the device, but in system properties it says that it cannot start the device?

can't be the USB ports as it does the same on all 3 OS's...

could it be a case of USB2 not working on 1.1????

  expertec 09:47 16 Jun 2003

USB 2 should work fine with 1.1, but at the slower speed

  expertec 09:48 16 Jun 2003

Possibly the USB HDD is faulty, has it ever worked or has it recently stopped working?

  Xevious 09:49 16 Jun 2003

it's brand new, straight out of the box!

  expertec 09:55 16 Jun 2003

Where did you buy it? Can you take it back and get a replacement?

  Xevious 09:59 16 Jun 2003

yep, suppose i could, just didn't feel like the hastle, and was worried that i was missing something really simple!
guess not then...
thx for your help.

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