USB2 PCI card

  willo500 11:49 05 Oct 2005

Can anyone tell me if there is any difference between different models of these?I am looking for one to transfer digital photographs and video from camera and also from an external HDD.

All advice gratefully received


  woodchip 12:03 05 Oct 2005

If you have Win98 you may have problems getting it to work as a USB2. It does depend on USB2 Drivers. If you have a Via chipset you can get these from the Via site. If XP it should work, but make sure you have SP2 loaded as it does address some USB2 issues

  willo500 12:04 05 Oct 2005

I have XP so should be all right to get one to work. I just wondered if there were issues of quality really.



  willo500 12:05 05 Oct 2005

Oh forgot to ask. How do I get it to work with existing usb 1.1 ports on the front of my pc. Do I need to disable these or will I be able to use them with the new card?

  ventanas 12:23 05 Oct 2005

You will be able to use all the existing 1.1 ports as well as the new USB2

  phil46 12:35 05 Oct 2005

Remember if you are running USB2 IT WILL NOT RUN AT THIS SPEED if you have hardware connected that is USB1 it will only run at the slower transfer rate.

  willo500 12:43 05 Oct 2005

Do you mean if I have a printer connected to the old usb1.1 port and a camera or HDD connected to the new USB 2 port that the HDD will only transfer at 1.1? Or do you mean that by having the old ports still in existence it will only run at 1.1 anyway?

Excuse my ignorance on this matter

  BRYNIT 12:57 05 Oct 2005

What phil46 is saying is as long as they are connected to the correct USB port they will work at the correct speed.

USB2 printer or HD connected to USB2 will run at USB2 speed

USB2 printer or HD connected to USB1.1 will run at 1.1 speed

USB1.1 device connected to USB2 will only run at 1.1 speed

  ventanas 13:48 05 Oct 2005

USB2 will not make a scrap of difference to hardware like printers or scanners. Their speed is governed by the way they work, eg the speed of the ccd in a scanner. You will notice a difference with external hard drives or flash drives. Whatever is connected wherever it will not affect the performance of either type of port, provided there is something connected to the USB2 port that can take advantage of its greater speed.

  woodchip 14:17 05 Oct 2005

The only benefit you will find, is if you connect the External hard drive to the USB2 card you install

  willo500 16:02 05 Oct 2005

Thanks for the info guys. Can anyone tell me if there is any difference in quality in the way they work for things like film and photographs? I suppose this might be a bit of a daft question but since I don't know much about the digital process I am unsure.

What I wonder is if you have any recommendations as to cards or should I just go for the cheapest?

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