USB2 not working??

  User-B4793DBD-208C-45D1-A048116812C3461A 19:51 26 Jul 2005

I have a USB2 4 port mini hub (from Serif) which dosent work on PC , unless i unplug it and plug it in.
Its plugged into a Belkin USB2/firewire PCI card. looked in Device manager, everything is working. Had an USB 1.1 mini hub plugged in the same place before that was working fine. TIA

  roygbiv 08:54 27 Jul 2005

Turned PC on this morning, the mini hub has installed.

Looks like it very intermitant. If I remember, the same happened to my old (1.1) USB hub over the first couple of days ????
Dawn (splitting silly) Alan (roygbiv)

  roygbiv 18:35 29 Jul 2005

Its been working fine for te last few days!!!
perhaps "shouting" at it done the trick!!!!!!!

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