USB2 External drives, keep or return?

  Brazils 11:38 19 Aug 2004

What shall I do?

I have just purchased a Freecom DVD-RW and I've got a 250mb External HD USB2 on the way. I have a XP Mesh PC with six USB2 ports. DVD writer does not connect a USB2 speed (Error hi-speed device connected to non-hi-speed port?) Swapping ports I have managed to get it to connect once OK, but on reboot it reverts to USB1

Freecom say it's due to the Sis7001 chipset on my Asus Motherboard. Mesh say it's a software issue with drivers and phone their £1 per minute line!!!!

Drivers up to date.

Option is to install a new usb2 pci card.

I thought that the PCI bus speed was 133mb/s?
Usb2 is 480mb/s, so how will I then get this speed?

Shall I just return my Freecom hardware and sulk, or have any of you helpfull people got another ideas?

  Brazils 21:17 19 Aug 2004

Installed new USB2 PCI card. Both drives now working fine.

I also realize that I've got my bits, bytes and Mhz mixed up!!!!

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