cybot6 12:59 14 Jan 2004

As i have a older pc and cannot afford a new one,I am looking for an external cd/rw but am only finding usb2 my machine has usb1 is there anything i can get to allow usb2 to connect into usb1?

  stlucia 13:07 14 Jan 2004

Generally speaking, USB2 devices will plug into USB1, but they will only run at USB1 speed (which is slower than USB2). This may not be a problem, for I have a cd/rw which runs through the parallel port (slower even than USB1, I think). So, you need to look at the small print of the spec. for whatever unit you're considering, and see if it will run through USB1 at a reduced speed.

  JerryJay 13:34 14 Jan 2004

Question: Why you buy external one because they are normally more expensive then internal one.
Solution to your problem if your pc is desktop and has a free pci slot. You can buy a usb2.0 card for £7.14 from ebuyer click here. It is very easy to fit.

  JerryJay 13:39 14 Jan 2004

Follow up. If your pc is a laptop, you can get a PCMCIA-USB adaptor for £13 from ebuyer click here. By the way, from my experience external cd writers through parallel port/usb1.0 do not work well. Basically, too slow.

  Djohn 13:53 14 Jan 2004

cybot6, the USB 2.0 hardware will work fine through your 1.1 interface, but at the lower speed of 1.1.

This will not be much of a problem though as 1.1 transfers at 12mbps anyway and is more than fast enough for most hardware.

USB 2.0 will transfer at 480mbps but I am under the impression that any external hard drive through either USB speed will always be slower than through the normal internal IDE cable. j.

  stlucia 13:56 14 Jan 2004

Yes, they're slow, but at the time I bought it it was state of the art -- 1x recording and 2x playback! And it's never created a coaster.

  prince midas 14:01 14 Jan 2004

I have jut bought a Maxtor External Hard disk 40G from PCworld.

I use it on a USB1 but it will also run on USB2.

In reply to gent who said why not fix another internal hard drive.

When you hav been burgled that will answer your question.
Also if main machine goes down you have all your data on a seperate drive and can transfer to new machine.

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