Usb1 Usb?

  Daxsimus 23:37 14 Dec 2004

Hi, How do you know if you have USB 1 or 2 on your computer. As I want to buy a removable harddrive and some are USB2. Or can you use USB2 hardware with USB1 ports?

  woodchip 23:43 14 Dec 2004

First if You Have Win98se or WinME then the USB is only 1.1 it will still work but only slowly. You can only fit USB2 to the above By fitting a USB2 Card supplied with USB2 drivers it will only work as a USB1.1 if Drivers are not loaded.

  smudge101 23:45 14 Dec 2004

Woodchip is correct but to find out if your hardware is USB 1 or 2 we will need you motherboard make/model number.

  Daxsimus 23:47 14 Dec 2004

Thanks. I've got win xp home edition installed. So will they be USB 2? Is there someway to check?

  dan 11 23:49 14 Dec 2004

Erm. If your motherboard has usb2.0 ports ( as most new boards have today) and your preference is to use 98 or ME. Then you can utilise the usb 2.0 function. Drivers for the via chipset click here

  smudge101 23:51 14 Dec 2004

Depends on your motherboard. Go to click here and download Everest home edition it will be able to tell you what hardware is on your computer.

  Daxsimus 23:52 14 Dec 2004

Where can I find info on the make of motherboard?

  kspatto 23:53 14 Dec 2004

generally speaking usb2 is compatible with usb 1 (but a lot slower)but it should say on the box personally I would buy the usb2 device and a usb2 pci card if you dont have usb2(the increased speed would be ideal for a removable hard drive)already you could try checking in you system files-- hardware --device manager


  Daxsimus 00:01 15 Dec 2004

thanks for the help guys. Dax

  Salinger 00:02 15 Dec 2004

To expand on kspatto's reply - if you see "Enhanced" on any of the USB devices you have USB2.

  spuds 00:07 15 Dec 2004

As previously suggested, it is best if you obtain details of the computers motherboard, then you can check the manufacturers website for all the relevant details. These two links will help, which you can download and use for free.Use one or both downloads for a correct answer.Everest [ex Aida 32] click here Belarc click here

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