USB works once

  derekw 22:03 20 Feb 2003

I have a continual problem with USB on a 98SE machine. Only the HP Scanner is USB connected. It is occasionally possible to communicate with it one time after boot-up, after that, the HP ScanPro application cannot find scanner. The whole scanner setup works perfectly on another identical PC – same MoBo etc.
Tried running Epson printer on USB – same result, get a test page OK then no response on further print jobs. This goes for any/all USB ports – the 2 hard wired ones and the 3 aux items.
System properties show all hardware and USB items as working properly.

Before I consider MoBo replacement, is there any diagnostic tooling available out there???
Or any advice please ?

MoBo is ASUS A7V (Athlon 1GHz), VIA chipset with latest 4in1 drivers.

  pj123 22:12 20 Feb 2003

I got some good advice from a professional some time ago as I had the same problem.

Do Not Switch Anything That Works on USB OFF.

My scanner and printer are now never switched off and they work every time.

Give it a try.

  derekw 23:15 20 Feb 2003

Thanks pj123. That's something to consider once we get the problem resolved.

  eccomputers 23:43 20 Feb 2003

I have known a lot of problems with epson products, it is something to do with their 'virtual usb port' drivers. Dont get a new motherboard, just get a decent 4 port usb card, pci. Just plug it into a spare slot and away you go.

  pj123 15:40 21 Feb 2003

Just a PS to my previous. If you do switch them off make sure you switch them back on first before switching the PC on. that should work as well.

  derekw 21:38 24 Feb 2003

Seemed to have fixed it... When it comes to spending money you tend to try ANY thing!
Did a BIOS upgrade and scanner + printer are now working satisfactorily.
Thanks to you both for suggestions.

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