USB Wireless Lan and Encryption Help Please.

  Baskerville 11:05 27 Feb 2006

Hello all,

I recently found out how anybody with a WI-FI set up can allow other folk in the vicinty access to their computer, unless they use some sort of encryption.
I have found that my encryption is disabled, it asks me if I want 16 bit or 32 bit encryption and a number of box's with the message 'Your encryption settings must match those of your network or the computer will not be able to communicate'
Does this mean I have to put some numbers into the box's and match both computers with the same numbers or does this mean something else like my IP address ? and if so how do I find out my IP address ?

Any help very much appreciated,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:24 27 Feb 2006

As connectivity has now been established successfully, the next step is to return to Network Properties and configure WEP settings to ensure the best security possible for the network.

On the host computer, open the Wireless Network Properties dialog box and select the Data encryption (WEP enabled) check box. Consult the documentation provided by your wireless card manufacturer for the key format and key length.

Use the highest level of encryption possible (key length) that is supported by your hardware and drivers.
Be sure that if you use an ASCII network key that you pick random characters and letters that can't be easily guessed.

The final step is to use the same key and encryption settings and configure the client computer(s). Note: for additional security, consider changing the key on a regular weekly basis.

  Baskerville 13:31 27 Feb 2006

Trouble is I have no documentation, just a drivers disc,I have had a look at that and it does not appear to give a key format or a key length ? any suggestions !
The wireless function is working fine, but is showing as no encryption, only a 64 or 128 option and a passphrase.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:13 27 Feb 2006

Settings - network connection - right click your wireless network select properties.

Wireless networks tab - highlight the name of your network (if more than one showing) - properties.

Network Authentiction = open

Data encryption = WEP

Network key = type in anything you like upto 8 digits

And put the same key into the other PC.

  Fingees 14:14 27 Feb 2006

AS an idea select 64 bit WEP.

Enter five pairs of digits.

for example

07 37 90 01 54

you will probably have to enter them in small boxes.

keep a record of them, and when you enter them into any wirelss computer to access the network, put the numbers in, don't leave spaces between.

  Baskerville 22:05 27 Feb 2006

Will sort the computer tomorrow, I don't have much time on a Monday,
Thanks for the help,


  Baskerville 21:42 28 Feb 2006

Got the Encryption up and running, info added to client comp, internet access working, everything seems fine,
Many thanks


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