Usb wireless adaptor or PCI Wireless card

  skidzy 22:49 24 Sep 2007

Im currently building a test pc soon to be placed in my workshop 200 feet away from the router.

The router is currently connecting 5 computers all xp.

My question is;

What is normally better a usb wireless adaptor or pci wireless card over the distance,if at all possible ?

I think im going to receive a poor connection,maybe im wrong.

As usual,all advice welcomed and appreciated.


Looks like my previous router issue is ok here

  Strawballs 22:58 24 Sep 2007

At that distance I would go with a USB with an extention wire so you can get the adapter up and away from the PC, because a PCI card has the ariel at the back of the tower which can suffer interference from the PC itself

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  skidzy 23:03 24 Sep 2007

Strawballs good idea,forgot about that and have a usb adaptor with lead and cradle.

The weakest connection in the house,is the one connected by pci card...hence why i started this thread.

Cheers for the idea Strawballs.

  skidzy 23:07 24 Sep 2007

Im off to bed now and will pop in tomorrow.

keep the ideas coming :-))

  Strawballs 23:16 24 Sep 2007

I have same problem 1 PCI card not bad but weakest and Laptop with built in that is designed that way not just an add on and is much better.

A friend of mine has a Linksys USB that came with his router and is on the end of quite a long wire and he gets a good connection from his garage at the bottom of his garden (not as much as 200') but quite a distance.

  skidzy 14:08 25 Sep 2007

Your method certainly seems the best idea, and as i have an usb adaptor same model/make as the router with extension cable...think this is the way to go.

Shall tick this now,thankyou Strawballs.

  woodchip 14:17 25 Sep 2007

Well for me a PCMCIA card for my 3Com reached up to 300ft but USB not as far. I would go for a PCI card if it's going in a box.


Have you seen my thread? I connected my Laptop from WiFi without any protection with Laptop to Router, as the Encryption does not match the router. thought I would let you know.

  skidzy 14:26 25 Sep 2007

Hi Woody
Now you have totally thrown me :-))

Yes if i decided to get a pci card,it would be internal and not external.
However the only wireless machine that has a poor connection is currently the one with a pci card fitted with aerial,this has been moved around the house to see if its the walls blocking the signal....but no difference.

Though i do have a wireless card kicking around,i may just try both :-))

Now going to look at your new thread.

  wrg 14:38 25 Sep 2007


I agree with strawballs. I could not get a connection with a PCI card from my router so I purhcased the linksys USB and got a very good reception.

  skidzy 15:04 25 Sep 2007

Thankyou for your input,luckily for me i have both here and if one is not successful-will try the other.

I wont be setting this rig up just yet,in about a months time,but will post back the best connection if i get one Lol.

  skidzy 20:21 21 Oct 2007

Ok,Wireless connection was a doddle,very good connection over roughly 150 feet using a usb adaptor same make as the router (D-Link).

Just got to get the PCLinuxos 2007 connected now as im dual booting between LOS and XP Pro.

Strawballs's post Mon, 24/09/[email protected]:58 was the best method as the pci card was a very poor reception.

Cheers Strawballs.

it is amazing how far the signal can travel,especially when of the computers upstairs struggles and only 20 feet away,though going through the ceiling.

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