USB Wireless adapter not recognised on startup

  Seadog 09:09 03 Dec 2007

I have a homebuilt Shuttle XPC with a wireless adapter fitted internally (Shuttles own make) to an internal usb socket.

Usually on startup all goes ok and I can connect to the internet simply by using the hotkey on the keyboard (or by opening IE) however twice in the last week, on startup, the device has not been recognised by the system. After much mucking about the first time I have found that opening the case (with machine switched on) then just unplugging it and then plugging it back in solves the problem, the device is then recognised and all functionality returns.

Also noticed at this time is that I don't have as many icons in the bottom right of the taskbar as if the computer has missed out several items on startup, one in particular being the AVG icon - telling me AVG resident shield is not loaded. A reboot cures the AVG but not the USB wireless adapter.

Could I have too many programs or applications set to run on startup? If so how do I change this (I've forgotten!) Any ideas would be appreciated.

  MAJ 09:48 03 Dec 2007

You can change what you have starting at bootup by going to Start > Run, typing:


clicking OK and choosing the Startup tab. In there will be the list of what's starting at bootup, untick those items you don't want starting, click Apply and OK to exit. Make sure you know what you're unticking though.

  Seadog 16:51 03 Dec 2007

Thanks for that MAJ, I couldn't remember msconfig.
However, there's nothing there that I would want to delete from startup.

The usb wireless utility is in the startup list, but does anyone have an idea as to why the drivers occasionally didn't load on startup? Thing is, the two times It has failed to load them, no amount of rebooting solves it, the only way (so far!) is to unplug the device and then plug it back in, and as this is an internal device it's a pain.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 03 Dec 2007

Refresh USB Ports
In device manager Uninstall EVERYTHING under the heading USB,
reboot the PC let XP find and install new hardware.
Your equipment should now be recognised.

  Seadog 22:19 03 Dec 2007

Thanks Fruit Bat, I'll try that the next time it doesn't recognise the wireless adapter on startup.

I've restarted a couple of times though and all has been well...................

  Seadog 12:49 12 Dec 2007

It's just done it again!
I tried Fruit Bat's suggestion but after uninstalling all usb devices, on re-boot it didn't recognise the usb wireless device on the internal usb socket on the motherboard, yet other usb devices plugged into external ports were ok and were all successfully re-installed.

I previously reinstalled the motherboard and wireless drivers but again this doesn't seem to have helped.

After physically unplugging the wireless device (bing bong - so the computer knew it was there!) and plugging it back in (bong bing) it was recognised.

One other thing I have noticed though is that after startup the number of icons in the taskbar (bottom right corner of screen) varies from time to time, sometimes I have only two or three and sometimes there are loads, is this a startup problem? Could windows (Xp) be corrupt in some way and sometimes not starting up all of the programs it is supposed to, or whatever each time?

As the wireless/network icon is one of these so maybe the problem is with the startup file or something.

Anyone any ideas please.

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