Solva 15:45 28 Nov 2006

Hello guys recently I was using the internet connecting through broadband using a wireless router but using cables instead of a wireless adapter.

This was working fine. Then all of a sudden the connection dropped and I have not been able to connect again. It seems that the on board network card had gone.

So I decided It was time to get wireless bought my adapter installed it, the adapter was recongnized by Windows showed up as active on the system. So I finally went to set up my wireless connection through Wireless netowrk wizard, but only got as far as the point where It asked me to plug in my flash drive and select it when it is populated in the list.

But it never showed up. Which is odd. On my computer it shows up as a D drive but Network wizard cant see it. I have tried it in all 4 USB ports and the same thing happens. Anyway I thought I would un-install my usb drivers but now windows cant recognize my USB ports. As I cant connect to the net Im a bit stuck!


  daxian 16:46 28 Nov 2006

hi solva.....
usb driver support will depend on a few things .
1.operating system
2.motherboard drivers.....

if the operating system is xp you have service pack 2 installed this gives better support for usb 2 ....
have you tried installing usb from the motherboard drivers disk ...Dave.

  daxian 16:56 28 Nov 2006

hi again ...
if the router was already set up and working by ethernet cable ,all you needed to do was install the adapter ...setting up via wizard should not be needed .
once the adapter is installed and recognised ,its just a matter of clicking on the icon in the tray and choosing which to connect to ,if you have a password enter it to log on to the connection.....if not then set it up or everyone will be able to use you connection.
hope this helps.....Dave

  Solva 10:38 29 Nov 2006

Hi Daxian. The problem was my internet connection was working via an ethernet cable but then it dropped off. Thats why I bought a wireless adapter to use instead. Are you saying that if I just install an adapter I dont need to set it up via network wizard? I have also tried using a USB memory stick and that is showing up on m,y devices either!

  Kate B 10:54 29 Nov 2006

You should just be able to pick up the wireless signal (assuming the router's wireless facility is turned on) without any problems once you've installed the software for the dongle. However, have you (or someone else) enabled any security settings on the router?

  Solva 11:23 29 Nov 2006

No, Thats exactly what I thought Kate. But no when I connected to the internet, I still received page cannot be displayed via my ISP and I.E. I havent touched the security settings at all. So Im at a loss why the Adapter would show up on my system but isnt functioning through the usb port correctly.

  Kate B 11:47 29 Nov 2006

Hm. Can you connect to the router's configuration page? Might be worth changing the channel and making sure both the router and the dongle are on the same channel. Wifi equipment defaults usually to channel 11, but if you're in a built-up area, that channel can be swamped. Also, have you tried the dongle in another USB port?

  Solva 12:03 29 Nov 2006

Yeah tried it on all 4 ports. All aspects of the routers configuration seems ok. I've spoken to my ISP and they can ping it as well so It seems its definately not router related. Like I said not sure how the Adapter can show on system but not function when my system or the router communicate with it.

  ed-0 12:25 29 Nov 2006

Surely the first thing you have to do is to find if the router is connected to the internet. If it is not, then no amount of attempts to make a connection will work if the connection is not there.

Are all the lights working correctley on the machine? Open the router's configuration page, put in your password [ you do have it password protected ? ]. Then see if you have a green connected status bar.

It could be that your lack of wired network connection could be through a damaged cable or crimped plug.

If you don't know how to enter the configuration page, post the make and model of the router and also the make and model of the usb adapter.

  Solva 13:19 29 Nov 2006


Thanks for the reply. The router is connected and seems to working as it should. Also I before I bought the adapter I did try a new ethernet cable.

  ed-0 16:54 29 Nov 2006


can you post the make and model of the router and usb dongle. It may help.

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