USB / WinME driver problems

  Rodders 16:09 03 Jul 2004

I have been running WinME for 4 years and so far haven't had any problems that couldn't sort themselves out.

I bought a digital camrea last year which connects via USB to download the images from the SmartMedia card. No problems until I installed some new software (from the Fuji camera disk) to allow me to edit videos. Since then, my PC has been unable to find the correct driver to link to the camera.

I gave up trying and bought a card reader, installed the drivers as instructed. Now I get the same problem.

When I look in device manager under "Other Devices" there is an entry "Mass storage device" which has a yellow exclamation mark next to it. I believe this means it is disabled. If I double-click it, it tells me that the drivers are not installed.

I cannot work out where the driver is or how to get this to automatically sort itself out, just like it says on the box "Plug & Play...........driverless and effortless to use"

Can anyone prod me towards getting this sorted ?

  Mat2 18:40 03 Jul 2004

Hi Rodders

Did you get a drivers disk with the card reader, if so have a look on there to see there is any drivers for ME.


  Rodders 20:32 03 Jul 2004

The drivers disk has a Setup program which installs the driver for me, however I can see no drivers on the disk itself.

Does the setup program 'unpack' the drivers from the CD or does it just find the correct drivers from those I already have installed? I have no idea how drivers work, are they product specific or does windows have certain drivers with it that should work for the majority of products ?

  Mat2 20:43 03 Jul 2004

Hi Rodders

The setup program should unpack drivers and installs them. Have you tried unplugging the card reader and plugging it back in so ME find new hardware wizard comes up.


  Rodders 20:48 03 Jul 2004

I ask it to find the drivers for me, it searches for a while then tells me that it couldn't find any!

Where could I check to see if the driver has been installed ?

  Mat2 20:54 03 Jul 2004


Check in the control panal to see if the yellow exclamation is still there.

Can you tell me the make of your card reader, any numbers etc.


  Rodders 21:00 03 Jul 2004

The yellow exclamation is still there.

The card reader is called "EasyCardReader"....from DabsValue

click here

  Mat2 21:15 03 Jul 2004

It looks like the installation program is installing the wrong driver so you need to do it manually. Follow this:

Goto control panel, device manager

open other devices

select mass storage device , press properties, the select driver from the taps.

press update driver
select specify location of the driver, press next

specify location & browse the CD for the windows 98 drivers, press OK.

follow the rest of the on screen instructions, keep pressing next until finish.

  Rodders 21:21 03 Jul 2004

There is a directory called 'drivers' which contains only a setup program.

  Mat2 21:35 03 Jul 2004

Have you tried without the Fuji camera software on, if not uninstall the software try it again.


  Mat2 21:44 03 Jul 2004

Can you check in my computer for any extra drives (removeable) underneath them.

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