USB on Windows 98?

  wetterfugal © 09:47 01 Mar 2005

I have Win 98 version 4.10.1998. on an old computer and it is not connected to the internet.

The mainboard supports USB but does not have any usb ports. I wish to install a usb card but PC World say that I need Win 98 SE.

Is this correct and if so is there a solution?

I have access to the internet on the computer I am using now. (Win XP)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:07 01 Mar 2005

USB was not supported untill Win98 SE

A PCI USB CARD unfortunately will not work in Windows 98 v4.

  Fellsider 13:03 01 Mar 2005

USB 1.1 works with Win 98 but USB 2.0 won't

Having said that the ports are on the motherboard on my old PC as opposed to a PCI card.

  Confab 13:06 01 Mar 2005

I have win 98 not 98SE and every usb device I have works. You may need to obtain drivers for any devices you have but I've not had any problems at all.

In fact win 95 had some usb support.


  Lionheart ? 13:31 01 Mar 2005

This mayhelp click here

  Southernboy 14:04 01 Mar 2005

came with W98 (not SE) and two USB ports. What W98SE did was to upgrade USB 1.0 to USB 1.1. I have since upgraded to W98SE.

My PC has always worked well with external USB 2.0 drives and, contrary to what many say, it is pretty fast with USB 1.1 sockets.

  Curio 17:58 01 Mar 2005

click here You should find a suitable cable here

  Curio 18:00 01 Mar 2005

Should have said serial to USB cable. If no joy give Belkin or Maplins a ring

  wetterfugal © 20:07 01 Mar 2005

There is hope yet, It will probably be worth trying out your sugestions, a card is only about £15 quid and a USB adapter even cheaper.

Regards Vic.

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