USB to USB File transfer

  agarm11 20:58 22 Jan 2003
  agarm11 20:58 22 Jan 2003

Is it possible to do simple file transfer from PC to PC using a male/male USB cable? Both PCs running Win98SE and USB 1 ?

  bremner 21:04 22 Jan 2003

Have a look at this while you wait for a more informed reply click here

  anchor 09:26 23 Jan 2003

The item indicated by bremmer is excellent. I, and friends, use it regularly.

It is available in the UK from Maplin Electronic stores, and called "USB Link Cable". Cost, £29.99, (Maplin code TF06G).

Read more about it here:

click here

  jazzypop 12:40 23 Jan 2003

DO NOT connect two PCs with a standard USB cable. It is highly likely that you will fry them both - remember that USB connectors transmit power.

You need a purpose-made cable.

See click here for instructions.

  fudge 13:50 23 Jan 2003

Try the USB DataLink cable from Trust click here. It comes with easy to use software for about £25 - £30.

  agarm11 19:07 23 Jan 2003

By the looks of these they are all good for file transfer, which is what I was after, but is it possible to use any of them for gaming as well?

  anchor 19:16 23 Jan 2003


Whilst I have never tried, I would think it highly unlikely.

  jazzypop 19:20 23 Jan 2003

If you want to network two PCs, by far the best way is to use a network card in each PC, and an Ethernet network cable. If you are joining the two PCs directly, use a crossover Ethernet cable.

Two cards and a cable will cost about £30 (the same as the USB cables above), and will give much, much faster speeds. Network gaming is all about speed - take the Ethernet route.

You can also then share your Web access if you want (for online gaming), but I would recommend a cheap router and a broadband connection for this.

click here to find out how easy it is.

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