2fast49 17:52 06 Jul 2006

Hi, i just brought a digital tv tuner for my pc, i have contected to the antenna and downloaded the software. i got BlazeDTV with the tuner and was wondering if there were any other recomadations for software as BlazeDTV does not seem to pick up the name of the channels so makes it hard to find them, also you need to re-scan for channels after you have closed the program. Could you just give me several recomadations, if you have any, so i can test out them and see what suits me,
thanks hope to hear a reply,

  ArrGee 03:15 07 Jul 2006

It may not be a software problem. Have you tried scanning with a rooftop antenna first? You may not be able to pick up a signal with the supplied antenna. Also, is the USB tuner purely digital or a hybrid (digital and analogue). If the USB Tuner is purely digital, check the that the software is on a digital-only setting.

Off the top of my head, I cannot think of any free s-ware, the one supplied with the stick should work fine.

Not having used Blaze myself (I use HyperMedia on one machine and MegaSky on another) there should be an option to scan and then rename the channel numbers so that a re-scan is not required.

  2fast49 18:53 09 Jul 2006

thanks, i am using a roof top antenna at the moment, the problem is that the channels dont have names and also u cant change them, e.g channel 4 seems to have no name and low signal, i dont if i can change the digital or hibrid settings, do u know of anything else i can do? do u know of any good software that u might have to pay for?
thanks again

  ArrGee 21:35 09 Jul 2006

As far as I am aware, you cannot buy the software off the shelf. It (as far as I know) always comes bundled with the hardware. On that basis, I would either exchange the pack you bought for a different make or (firstly) try it out on another pc, then come back here. It maybe a driver problem, but not sure.

  ArrGee 22:06 09 Jul 2006

Just worth a look at this as here

  Stuartli 22:10 09 Jul 2006

There are third party software offerings for this purpose - the best known is probably ShowShifter followed by My Theatre.

However, ShowShifter is in limbo at present as Home Edition fell by the wayside and was awaiting a buyer.

I mainly use Twinhan's software and BDA drivers with my Twinhan DTB-ter D+A Hybrid card, but ShowShifter works equally as well with the BDA drivers and brings in every available TV and radio station from Winter Hill, unlike the Twinhan offering.

  ArrGee 22:57 09 Jul 2006

I found that Twinhan is good. Shame about the tech support though.

  2fast49 12:24 10 Jul 2006

thanks i think im gonna try to get a new antenna outside cus the one i have seems to be old, also i will get a new antenna plug, a good quility one, i will come back with the result

  Stuartli 12:57 10 Jul 2006

Make sure that you get a wideband aerial (sometimes incorrectly referred to as a digital aerial); you probably still have a narrowband aerial, which will not pick up all the Freeview signals.

You should also be asking for a coaxial plug rather than "antenna plug", plus quality low loss cable for use between the aerial and TV/USB TV tuner..:-)

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