USB TV Dongle

  chrischambers 17:47 10 Jul 2006

Hi, I am sure there will be loads of theories, howevr, I have a USB tv dongle. Some channels are ok with very little 'stutter' and some I cannot watch at all. PC is running XP and is about 5 months old.
Any tips please?

  chrischambers 18:28 10 Jul 2006

someone, please....

  sean-278262 20:14 10 Jul 2006

Define stutter. What is the model and make of the dongle. What aeriel do you use. You give us barely anything to go on to help you therefore people tend to avoid posts like this. Post up as much information as you can. Include
- PC specs
- aeriel in us
- analogue or digital
- was it new or second hand
- explain the problem
- show us a screen shot (print screen key and then paste into paint and save it, then load it up to click here

This will get you an answer. Otherwise you are wasting your time as we cannot help with so many variables to consider we would be all day trying to work out the problem.

  Stuartli 20:20 10 Jul 2006

ARe the ones you can't watch mainly ITV/Channel4/Five?

If so it's probably the problem with computer based Freeview TV cards/USB sticks of not getting a "proper" signal.

Sometimes they are OK on my PCI Freeview Digital + Analogue TV card and other times unwatchable; it depends on transmissions.

However, when the analogue transmitters are finally switched off (2009 in my area) the extra bandwidth and signals strength should make a different....hopefully.

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