Dellman 12:30 10 Mar 2006

Any of these any good?

click here

click here

  Fingees 13:01 10 Mar 2006

Pc world web site has the first item on sale at 38.28.

In store price £49.99. It works well.

It is available for reserve on internet, and store collection at the internet price.

as it's freeview digital, make sure you can receive it in your area.

You may have to connect via a proper aerial as the one supplied will only work in strong signal area.

There are also a number of analogue tuners on their web site..
Worth looking at.

  Dellman 14:12 10 Mar 2006

Any other views?

One appears to be a pure USB Stick, whereas the other sits on your desk.

I have also come across the below too....

click here

  Fingees 14:41 10 Mar 2006

Further to my previous post.

It is a matter of your personal preferance.

With digital, unlike analougue. There is no such thing as a weak noisey picture. It either works or not. Hence use good aerial, possibly from main one.

If weak, the picture just breaks up into pixels.
So they are all pretty much the same.

I use an internal one from WIN TV. bought from PC World., and I get pictures OK, even though I am not officially in the reception area.

Mind you I do usa a hefty Preamp on the aerial.

All the best.

  Dellman 15:41 10 Mar 2006

What sort of preamp do you use? Any recommendations?

  Fingees 16:03 10 Mar 2006

I use about 25db of pre amp.

I bought mine from Focus do it all.

they are all ok. They vary from 6Db (thats double signal strenghth) as when using two tvs from 1 aerial .
to about 30 or so which is very high

a variable amp is better in case you don't need much, as

  Dellman 16:22 10 Mar 2006

Can use the preamp with the antenna that comes with the USB TV kit, or would I need to get another internal aerial?

  Fingees 17:08 10 Mar 2006

unfortunately, it's a trial and error situation.

If you are able to use a portable aerial for normal tv, and the digital transmitter is about the same distance away, you may get away with it.

however, you should be able to utilise your existing aerial,If it's an external one, by using an amplifier with 1 aerial in and two outputs.
providing again, you are in an area where digital can be received.

otherwise, go for an ordinary analogue receiver.

  Dellman 17:25 10 Mar 2006

Can you advise any USB TV products that are analogue?

  Fingees 18:38 10 Mar 2006

I am afraid I don't off hand.

I would suggest your local friendly computer shop may well stock such items..
They are quite cheap now, as digital has almost taken over.

You might try a normal dgital set top box receiver, on your normal tv, if you have a friendly neighbour, who would try theirs on your TV.
Living where I do on the fringe area, I do sometimes go along so if it works ok, they can buy one.

It was just a thought, because if you can get it on your TV, a USB digital receiver would work on your computer.

If they won't check it for you, just make sure your neighbours can receive it ok. You will then be in with a chsnce.

All the best.

  ruskle 20:21 10 Mar 2006

I have used a Freecom DVB stick for quite a while now with great success. I travel a lot (UK) and find it works OK for me with the little antenna, DVB frequency is about 8Mb and the stick is about the optimum quarter wave for recieving. Just be sure you have USB2 on your PC. I have tried all ways to set one up for a mate with USB1 with no luck, even using my setup with his laptop at my QTH,


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