USB trackball freezing up

  cowboyfan 12:13 15 Feb 2004

Don't know if anyone can help with a small problem I've got.
I've just installed a broadband modem and now my trackball freezes now and again. To use the modem I had to put the trackball on a usb 1.1 hub which connects through a USB 2.0 hub ( I've only got 2 ports & lots of USB devices)as the modem doesn't like going through the hub its on the other port.
The ball freezes at irregular intervals which can be reset by unplugging the hub but this is now getting very tedious.
I've updated Direct X , the drivers on my usb ports and reinstalled all devices.

  Forum Editor 12:16 15 Feb 2004

If it isn't you'll have problems.

This kind of thing isn't uncommon, and is the result of too many USB devices trying to compete for a limited amount of available power on the USB controllers.

  cowboyfan 13:10 15 Feb 2004

Yes both hubs are self powered.

  Forum Editor 15:34 15 Feb 2004

May be that you're connecting one hub to another. Although in theory you can daisy chain USB devices my experience has shown that it can lead to trouble. When you say you have 'lots' of USB devices - how many exactly?

  cowboyfan 18:40 15 Feb 2004

On usb 2.0 hub there is a cd re-writer and an external hard-drive , on the USB 1.1 hub there is a printer , joystick ,trackball and palm docking station.

  cowboyfan 19:50 16 Feb 2004

seems the problem is a conflict between the joystick and the trackball.

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