usb streaming v firewire

  Sparky 77777 10:41 07 May 2004

I am contemplating buying a Sony Digital Video Camera and am told by Sony that this will transfer the video to my PC via USB Streaming. I am also told by somebody else that this will not work and I need to get a firewire card installed on my PC. I am running XP.

Does anybody have any ideas / views?

  byfordr 10:47 07 May 2004

On the Sony I got for my Parents (TRV-33E)usb is fine if you are using as a webcam, or viewing. To transfer to pc firewire is what you need. Cards as cheap as £10 click here Simply put it in your pci slot and away you go!


  temp003 10:49 07 May 2004

To transfer the "normal" digital video itself, you will need firewire. If your computer doesn't have a firewire connection, get a PCI firewire card. Your operating systm needs to be 98se or later.

I haven't looked at digicams specs for a while, but the usb streaming is usually usb1, for transferring short clips of video to email to friends, or to use the digicam as a webcam. The USB connection is not really meant for transferring a long high-quality video to a computer.

  Megatyte 10:55 07 May 2004

Depends on which USB version. USB1 has a speed of 12MBS. USB2 has a speed of 480 MBS, which is faster than Firewire at 450 MBS.


  byfordr 11:01 07 May 2004

I think most camcorders are still usb :-(

  temp003 11:11 07 May 2004

Even with USB2, although its theoretical max speed is 480 Mbits/s which is higher than firewire's 400 Mbits/s, in practice firewire is more often than not faster than USB2.

  Megatyte 11:17 07 May 2004

You are quite correct.

click here


  Sparky 77777 11:36 07 May 2004


Thanks a lot guys

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