USB stick not detected

  v1asco 01:42 05 Mar 2011

This may be a duplicate, as so often happens to me when posting on this site, the other has dissapeared/posted.

My intenso stick only shows as F: Drive (not intenso) and when right clicked using any option I am asked to insert disk.

The contacts have been cleaned and it has been tested in all ports on other computers where it used to work with no joy.

I have Vista business

Any suggestions will be appreciated, though I suspect it has ended its life.

Many thanks

  Dragon_Heart 01:58 05 Mar 2011

... leaving drive plugged in then reboot.

How old is the drive and how often do you read / write to it ? They do have a large but finite read / write capacity.

  v1asco 02:20 05 Mar 2011

Tried that, no joy.

Its about 18 months and not heavily used.

thanks for your reply, nice to know I'm not the only one awake this time of night

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:51 05 Mar 2011

Tried reformatting it?

  onthelimit 11:08 05 Mar 2011

Have you ever pulled it out without using the Safely Remove Hardware? If you did, and it was transferring data, it's probably fried.

  ronalddonald 11:08 05 Mar 2011

have you tried all the usb ports on the computer and have used something else that is usb that works before you format the usb stcik

  v1asco 17:53 05 Mar 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\

can't access it


no but probably it is


yes and yes

thanks folks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:25 05 Mar 2011

"My intenso stick only shows as F: Drive"

Then you can see it

Go into disk management and format the drive there

  v1asco 02:31 06 Mar 2011

Thanks for the suggestion. I cannot format it as it won't let me do a thing.
I can see it, the screen shows it but it will NOT let me do anything, either in Disk Management or by right clicking in my computer. Properties tell me the device is working properly, volumes is blank. Same on other computers.

Any info has been backed up so it's looking like a replacement is needed but there are no convenient shops at sea so I am hoping it can be fixed.

Thanks for your help so far

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:49 06 Mar 2011

What happens when you right click it in Disk Management?

  v1asco 11:25 06 Mar 2011

Main Pane it does not show.

Lower panels it shows as F drive (disk 3)., right clicking gives Change Drive letter, properties and Help.
Properties give details as per my last post.

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