USB "Splitter"

  Air_Man 10:50 18 Jun 2004

I have an NTL cable modem which I connect to my home desktop and work PC, as and when required. I would like not to have to keep unplugging one cable from the modem and plugging in the other when I switch. Is there a device out there that would let me plug the cable from my desktop and the cable from my laptop into it, and then just plug that into the modem (similar to the PS2 splitter used to connect a keyboard and mouse to one PS2 port?

The splitter needs to accept two "square" (A-type??) USB connectors and turn it into one. I have searched on-line, Maplin and PCW but can't find anything like this - something must exist somewhere.

Note: I do not necessarily need both on-line at the same time (would be nice tho!) - I really just want to not have to keep unplugging and replugging the seperate cables in.

Anyone help??

  Salinger 11:09 18 Jun 2004

You could use a USB Hub preferably a powered one plus you can get small converters which change the square (B) to an oblong (A)

  stlucia 12:46 18 Jun 2004

Is this what you're looking for click here ?

If I understand your requirements correctly, a USB hub will not do the job because that's designed to run several USB devices from one PC, whereas you're looking to run one USB device (your modem) from two PCs.

  Air_Man 15:48 18 Jun 2004

Thanx stlucia - that's the baby!

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