USB to Serial Adapter

  logrin 15:12 15 Jan 2004

I have bought an adapter, connected it to the USB port in my computer and attched my PDQA cradle to it. I installed the adapter driver as requested, opened my palm program then tried to do a hot sync. However there is no connection between the computer andv cradle.
How do I re-set my usb to serial so that I can start again.sorry7 to be such a nuisance! Logrin

  Big Elf 15:17 15 Jan 2004

I've got a couple of these myself and after installing the drivers they've worked without a problem. I wonder if the PDA doesn't like this type of connection?

What version of Windows do you have and what's the make and model no. of the PDA?

  Big Elf 17:49 16 Jan 2004

From email

"Thanks for your reply, I have a Palm 3 PDA and have started using XP. I want to try and reload my adapter, should I have it connected to the cradle when I do this? 'm not really uptodate on computers, just keep trying Logrin"

It's better to reply in the thread as more people get a chance to look at it and offer ideas or learn.

I would suggest removing the USB-Serial cable then delete the device in Device Manager (Control Panel, System, Hardware tab. It will probably be listed under Ports and mention something like 'USB to Serial Com'.

Also unistall the software that controls the Hotsync.

Then then reboot the PC. Insert the cable only and Windows will either ask for the driver or install it.

Then connect the cradle and the palm and try installing the HotSync software again.

Regards, Steve the Elf

  Big Elf 18:54 17 Jan 2004

From email:

"Thanks, I bought a book today and found that I had to enable the connector in device manager and my problem was solved!! worth £10. now I have to sort out why my laptop won't shut down until I pull the USB out of its socket. Thanks again Logrin"

problem 1 solved?

It's better to start a new thread for the other problem.

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