USB - RS232

  TomG 18:47 14 Mar 2006

On my old pc i used a belkin ups with their bulldog software. The ups connected to the pc via a serial cable and all worked very well.
So I buys a new pc and realise that it doesn't have a serial port.
So I get a USB- RS232 cable (serial connector one end to connect to the ups and a USB conector the other end).
I installed the drivers from the disk that came wit the usb/serail cable but the ups is not detected. Interestingly if I go into device manager, after installing the driver, and expand the tree so that i can see the driver one minute its there the next the device manager tree closes then opens and the driver disappears then it re-appears!
My operating system is win xp home sp2.

  bythor 19:24 14 Mar 2006

I've used usb-serial converters, not all with the same degree of success. In most cases however, a reboot seemed to cure most ails, and sometimes only with the usb converter connected before boot up. Not a lot offer, but might be worth a try if you haven't already...

  TomG 19:27 14 Mar 2006


Thanks for the suggestion - I've tried all permutations with n success. I'm a bit concerened about the device manager scrolling issue - bizarre!

  bythor 19:41 14 Mar 2006

It's sounds as though Windows see the connection to the port then loses it again. I guess you've tried reinstalling the driver that came with the converter?

  TomG 19:48 14 Mar 2006

Yes and downloaded some from the internet - same result. I did get to the stage where the driver could be seen in device manager ok but still the control software couldn't detect the ups no matter what settings i used for the connection (automatic or usb)

  bythor 19:58 14 Mar 2006

Sorry nothing else to offer other than looking at another brand of converter - bit drastic sounding maybe. I remember the name of one that definitely didn't work for me, it was Targus. Trouble is I don't know which one I use now as it's at work. Typical!
Best of luck anyway.

  TomG 20:00 14 Mar 2006

Thanks for trying bythor - if you could do a post for th eone that did work that would be appreciated - mine has no name....!

  woodchip 20:05 14 Mar 2006

Try add new Hardware in Control Panel

  TomG 20:06 14 Mar 2006

Wood chip

i tried that but the ups wasn't found

  Mikè 20:30 14 Mar 2006

You can get pci to RS232 cards click here

  TomG 18:11 20 Mar 2006

All sorted - bought a new cable

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