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  Liza 01:13 22 Jun 2007

My sister has at last decided to get rid of her old 1997 or so computer with windows 95. She has bought a Dell computer and wishes to transfer her files and software to the new Dell. However we have noticed she does not have a USB connector on the old computer. I had a look at the manual (PCI Pentium TR10) and it reads "..This 10-pin connector supports USB devices. This function is a reserved function..." There is a picture of this 10-pin thing, there is also a graph of the motherboard showing the USB as reserved. Can anyone tell me please whether the reserve connector can be changed to be unreserved.

  Ben 216 02:28 22 Jun 2007

Doesn't it mean that the connector is exclusively for USB? There must be an attachment you could buy for the motherboard to add USB, but it's probably hard to get hold of now. Does the old computer have an Ethernet port? The new one should do and it might be easier to network the computers through that. You could also add USB using a PCI card ~£10, just check it's compatible with 95 first.

  beeuuem 02:45 22 Jun 2007

I would suspect that this connector is for a USB plate as in click here

You may need to enable USB if you decide to try that route click here

You could connect using serial cables click here

It might be simpler to temporarily put the HDD from the old computer as a slave in the new computer and copy the files across.

  beeuuem 02:50 22 Jun 2007

PS I'm not trying to teach you to suck eggs but you do know that you can't transfer software as in installed programmes. If the programme is installed on the old computer you will need the setup disk/file to install the programme on the new computer.

  Ben 216 11:12 22 Jun 2007

If you install hardware in your new PC (ie. move the drive across) you must check that it does not void the warranty first. I have a Dell and wanted to install some new RAM. They told me that their warranty covers only the original parts, but as they expect people to upgrade opening up the case will not void the warranty.

  I am Spartacus 11:26 22 Jun 2007

I'm fairly certain that only the later releases of Windows 95 provided USB support (it will state that on the CD) but it was only for USB 1.0.

  Belatucadrus 12:42 22 Jun 2007

Enabling USB in W95 can be a real pain click here where possible.

  Liza 12:55 22 Jun 2007

Hi Ben 216, beeuuem and Spartacus
Many thanks.
Ben 216, Yes the USB connector is exclusive USB. No there is no Ethernet connector nor appears in the manual.
Beeuuem, the first ‘click here’ shows the plate which I think would be good to get. The 2nd ‘click here’ about windows 98: “…Microsoft recommends that customers who require a more robust USB environment upgrade to Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition” I had problems installing 98SE, system asked for an upgrade edition, fortunately I had an old one which her system installed allright but it would not accept the modem which is 33 kb. When I tried to install 98SE over this 98 upgrade it did not want to know. Perhaps it wanted me to remove both 95 and 98 to install 98SE. She does not have any software to save files, not even a rewriter drive so I gave up. The third ‘click here’. I was intending to transfer by serial port but unfortunately dell computer does not have serial ports, nor parallel port and it is hugging a Vista OS, the worst thing one could buy at this time, particularly for my sister who doesn’t know anything about OS. Dell wants a qualified computer shop to transfer by harddrive. I’ll check with Dell Ben 216 about warranty for their parts.
Spartacus She never updated anyway I’ll check 95 about USB l.1. Liza

  Liza 13:04 22 Jun 2007

Hi Belatucadrus

Thanks, I will check 95 to see if those folders are there. As you will see above 98 is not happy about the modem so I have removed 98. Liza

  wee eddie 13:45 22 Jun 2007

Buy an Enclosure (Case for an External Hard Drive)

Take out the HDD > Install it into the Enclosure > you now have an External Hard Drive > Plug it into the USB port of your new PC > Copy the files across.

When you are happy with the transfer you can Format it and use it as a Back-up Drive.

  Ben 216 17:52 22 Jun 2007

So simple! Why didn't I think of that!

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