usb removeable (pen) drives

  realist 19:31 15 Feb 2005

Are all these things as difficult to use as the Kingston 128mb I have been trying to get to work with my W98se PC?
I downloaded and installed the drivers (the correct ones)but although the drive is recognised by Windows and displayed in My Computer the system hangs when it is accessed and there are now files on the darned thing I cannot access or even delete. Re-insalling the drivers made no difference.
Anyone recommend one that actually works like it should out the box?

Many Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 19:33 15 Feb 2005

I use a sandisk from novatech that works fine with win98, win2k, linux and xp.

  LeadingMNMs 19:35 15 Feb 2005

Never had a problem with my Crucial Gizmo on 98, 2000 or XP.

  fred 20:38 15 Feb 2005

98 requires the drivers to be loaded from (usualy) the CD provided by the manufacturers of the drive.

  dewskit 21:49 15 Feb 2005

For what it is worth - I am having exactly the same problem with two Belkin drives I bought. (Using one at a time!)
Windows recognises it, but left clicking on it either hangs the computer, or sometimes shows the message "The device is not ready"
Right clicking on 'Properties' shows the capacity as 0 bytes.

I have contacted the Belkin European support in Spain, but replies are taking 4 or more days, and I do not really know where to go!

Hope you have better luck, if some whizz comes up with an answer, I will be most grateful as well

  TomJerry 22:00 15 Feb 2005

the possbile problem is usb2 and usb1 issues.

I think Kingston you got is usb2 device, the port you link is possibly usb1. Some usb1 ports do not like usb2 devices although most are fine.

  realist 22:06 15 Feb 2005

Thanks to all for responses.

Yes it failed on usb1 but i need it to be usb1/ usb2 compliant to migrate files between usb1 desktop and usb2 notebook.

  harps1h 22:12 15 Feb 2005

ypu may find that it is windows 98 that doesn't like the pens
form previous threads i have seen 98 maybe hard to use with usb. never tried it on 98 so couldn't say for definate

  TomJerry 23:42 15 Feb 2005

£8 click here

98se will work with usb2

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