USB question how many?

  richierich 12:01 17 Jan 2009

Have a new pc with 4 usb sockets on the back, 2 on the front (total 6)
If I add a pci card for another 4 or possibly 8 is there a limit to how many usb devices can be connected at once, although they probably wont be in use at the same time.

  Belatucadrus 12:23 17 Jan 2009

Technically yes, but as reckon the limit is 127 it's unlikely to be an issue as long as you don't draw too much power for your PSU to supply.
click here
"you can connect up to 127 individual USB peripherals at one time."

  wee eddie 12:23 17 Jan 2009

but beware there is a 500ma limit to the amount of current drawn through each Connection.

Even though you have 4 Back and 2 Front, you may only have 2 connections to the MOBO,

If you need to add a Hub ~ Make sure that it is a powered one!

  wee eddie 12:25 17 Jan 2009

Not only is Belatucadrus faster on the draw, but more accurate as well.

  richierich 12:27 17 Jan 2009

I intend to have a couple of printers and two or three external powered harddrives and a card reader and a wacom tablet connected. All the devices will probably not be on at the same time but connected as more of a convenience thing

  MAT ALAN 12:28 17 Jan 2009

Although they probably wont be in use at the same time...

Then why bother seems a bit pointless adding USB ports you are not going to use...

But if you must a powered hub would be the way to go

click here

the link may help...

  richierich 12:32 17 Jan 2009

The point is that I am continually reaching behind unplugging devices plugging others in, its inconvenient. I take your point about a powered hub, I just thought an internal card would be neater.

  MAT ALAN 12:34 17 Jan 2009

Yea i see ya point, not a problem with that, the powered hub would still be the way to go tho'

It will much depend on how many extra you need...

  richierich 12:36 17 Jan 2009

thanks for the link, I like the look of the one that mounts in the floppy drive bay on the front of PC as its powered from inside the pc.

  Kevscar1 13:57 17 Jan 2009

Got 2 powered hubs from mine. Running 2 external harddrives, 1 printer, 1 scanner, wireless mouse and keyboard, headhone mike set, 2 led light sticks also have leads plugged in for both camera and camcorder. At xmas also had 1 8gb drive and 3 iTeddies plugged in but I don't think I will ever have more than that.
You can get Staples own brand powered hub with 7 ports mine is desk mounted but you can wall mount it or even fix it to your case with supplied sticky pads if you want

  Sillyconchip 07:47 31 Aug 2009

So i think the general consesus is that a powered [url=click here] hub[/url] is the way forward

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