USB Problems. Please help.

  pulsar_scott 18:30 05 Oct 2006

Hi folks, I hope one of you can help me. I recently did a clean install of windows xp pro about 2 months ago and everything was running ok.

Recently however, my mouse has been playing up. My computer keeps making the connected and disconnected noises you normally get when you plug something into a Usb port.

My Usb keyboard does not do this only my Logitec Mouse. Ive tried it in every available port and it does the same thing.

Today I went out and bought a Microsoft Mouse aand its doing exactly the same thing.

Im at my wits end.

Thanks in advance.


  skidzy 19:46 05 Oct 2006

Maybe try updating the driver scott.

Start/Control panel/Category view/Mouse/Hardware/Properties/Driver/Update driver.

If this fails,try uninstalling the driver and reboot,xp will find the driver and install.

Hope this helps.

  Ashrich 22:19 05 Oct 2006

Check your USB root hubs in Device manager and under the " power management " tab uncheck the " allow the computer to turn off this device to save power "
See if that helps !


  pulsar_scott 22:22 05 Oct 2006

Hi Skidzy, ive tried that and its still connecting and disconnecting.

Ashley, ive done that too and its still connecting and disconnecting. im having to use my ps2 mouse which I absolutely hate. GRRRR.

it couldnt be my usb ports themselves could it? but my keyboard still works fine which is confusing.


  it_girl 22:26 05 Oct 2006

Is it plugged into the rear or front usb ports?
If front then some pc cases have very poor quality cabling so try the rear port.

  it_girl 22:30 05 Oct 2006

If that does'nt solve it and you are using XP ,then go into Device Manager and uninstall all the ubs controllers.
Reboot system and XP will re-install all the controllers.This can clear up many hidden faults.

  skidzy 22:34 05 Oct 2006

Next step would be as it_girl suggests,alternatively have a look here...i know its a strange method but it works in some cases click here

  pulsar_scott 22:35 05 Oct 2006

Hi IT girl, its a Thermaltake Tsunami case so I hope they are ok at the front. To be honest, I had it in the rear at first bt it started playing up like this so I switched to the front (well top in this case) and it solved the prob for a few weeks.

Now its doing it with every usb port ive got free (which is 5 btw)


  pulsar_scott 22:54 05 Oct 2006

Right, the switching the power off idea didnt work unfortunately, i tried using the back port and it was doing its usual disconnect then reconnect noise thingy. I then , with it still plugged in, tried my new microsoft mouse in one of the top ports on my case and it gave me the unrecognised or malfunctioned error popup thing so I disconnected the top one and now its working.

What the hell is going on here?

aaarrrrggghhhh, it driving me absolutely mental.

  it_girl 08:54 06 Oct 2006

skidzy in many peoples eyes that 'power scene' is a practical joke and mine. Granted some will give an electronic debate regarding it but it always makes me laugh.

  it_girl 09:02 06 Oct 2006

pulsar_scott it seems to be pointing towards a motherboard hardware problem ,like damaged or power starvation to the usb ports.
What are the details of your pc.In the end it might be worth buying a PCI USB card.They are quite cheap now.
Just thinking,your front cables will be connected onto the mother board position USB1. Now there is a chance that there will be a USB2 position;if so try that one instead.
Good luck.

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