Usb Problems

  Napster 2005 14:04 24 Jul 2005

I Have 5 Usb Ports on my Packard Bell Platinum PC. 2 Work without any issues. Where as the other 3 will lock the computer.When It Locks the On/Off button is useless and I have to turn off the PC by the power supply. The 3 dodgy ones work If you plug anything in them before you turn the PC On, but if the 2 good ports are being used by Usb devices which use alot of power(Adsl Modem and Card Reader) the other 3 ports do not work. Do you know any resolutions for this problem. Is it a software or hardware glitch. Also my Pc was upgraded from Windows 98. Also on the Hardware Manager on the control panel, Under Universal Serial Bus(Usb) it says Usb Root Hub. So I was wondering whether my Pc has a internal Usb Hub and is using the power of 2 Usb Ports to power 5. Also on the 3 dodgy ports I was trying to use a Webcam, JoyStick and Usb SurfBoard. Thanx Napster

  jack 14:19 24 Jul 2005

Very dense reading napster I guess from what you say that the 2 that work are originals on the mother board at back and the other 3 are 'addons'
Is that right.

Essentially what it all boils down to - there are too many USB devices plugged in for the power supply to cope with.
So the answer to the conubdrum is one of two things
or both.
1. Unplug any device that is not in use that session.
2. Get your self a self powered external hub
That is a USB hub with a mains power brick to make it power independant of the computer.

  Napster 2005 14:46 24 Jul 2005

I'm going to use your advice and buy a Trust ac powered usb hub Thanx Napster

  Napster 2005 14:49 24 Jul 2005

Can you reccomend any other good usb hubs that are self powered

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:54 24 Jul 2005

the lack of power to a hub make them usless for powering hard drives / printers scanners etc.

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