USB problems

  AFW 19:04 19 Oct 2004

Can anyone tell me why I can not see my usb devices ie. hard drive and compact flash card reader in the "My Computer" folder. Both devices are connected and reported to be working by Windows device manager. The problem appears to be a software one which enables "My Computer" to see the usb devices.

  wawadave 19:31 19 Oct 2004

try looking in device manager any problems showing? try removeing usb from device manager and reboot.

  961 19:33 19 Oct 2004

Does this matter?

i.e are they actually working?

If not, then you are probably right in that it will be software caused

In most cases, this is due to incorrect installation, most usually due to the device being connected to the computer and turned on before the software has been installed

In such a case the software needs to be uninstalled and completely removed and the devices "removed" and then the installation done again, following the instructions

  Belatucadrus 20:27 19 Oct 2004

Check that USB is enabled in the BIOS

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