USB power surge hell..

  madzad 09:57 11 Jul 2005

I hope someone can help me, I bought a new 4 USB hub last week and when I came to replace my old one with it, I got a warning from the right handside bottom from MS. Telling me the USB Hub power has been exceeded. later when trying to get my old one installed, it told me there was a power surge.

Now I cant use the USB for anything! I have tried contacting the makers ( Saitek) but they have not replied), if anyone could shed some light on this, Id really appreciate this.

Newbie, using XP home

Steve UK

  woodchip 10:12 11 Jul 2005

Yes it will have blown the On board Fuse not replacable, on the Motherboard. Your only way out of it is to fit a PCI USB card. click here

click here

click here

click here

  Stuartli 10:39 11 Jul 2005

Some motherboards (by AOpen for instance) have resettable keyboard and USB fuses - you might be lucky.

You should also check that the earth wiring on the mains cable is in order.

  madzad 12:18 11 Jul 2005

Thanks to Woodchip and Stuartli..

I would rather try to reset the onboard fuse, how do I go about this? I dont really mess about much inside my PC and would appreciate some dummies guide type help.

Thanks guys

Steve UK

  wiz-king 05:58 12 Jul 2005

I agree with the others that you have blown a fuse but would add that if you have the 'bus powered' hub you should junk it, to try to run 4 usb devices of one socket is asking for trouble and will only lead to tears. If you need that many usb sockets get a PCI card or if you don't want to dive into the innards of your pc get a 'powered' hub, especially if you intend to run a printer or scanner off the hub.

  Stuartli 10:03 12 Jul 2005

With all due respects you should not really run a scanner or a printer off a 4-way powered USB hub, especially a scanner.

They are best used with a dedicated system USB port unless they have their own mains adapter power supply as well. Even so I used my Agfa SnapScan 1212u from a dedicated USB port and use the other for a 4-way powered hub.

  madzad 10:09 12 Jul 2005

OK, Maybe I didnt explain to well.. the only thing that went into the 4 hub was a card reader. My printer and modem are plugged in the back in separate USB ports.. there is no way I over loaded the 4 way hub with so many things.. just a media card reader.. which doesnt take that much power..

Besides my old 4 hub used to use it no problem.. why did this one blow the port?

steve UK

  Stuartli 10:29 12 Jul 2005

You can get a PCI card cheaply at:

click here

for instance or perhaps you might consider a multi-role version that fits in the spare floppy drive bay on the lines of:

click here

However, there are versions around that have two or more USB ports and cost around £15.

  madzad 10:02 13 Jul 2005

Thanks too everyone, the company that supplied the computer have been in touch and are prepared to replace the USB port card.

(Which I wasnt expecting lol)

Many thanks to all, especially Stuartli, thanks for the links, I shall also consider soon.

madzad UK

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