USB power problems

  midasxl8 18:34 16 May 2006

hi, i recently built my own system with msi 875p neo board, 3ghz p4 prescott processor, and 2 x 512 ram. never had any probs with it until about 2 months ago when i plugged an external usb sound card in to one of my usb ports and recieved a high pitched bleep followed by usb power surge warning. Now for some reason only one of my usb ports will work at any one time.. ie if i have a mouse plugged into one and i put say a usb pen drive in another, the pen drive takes presidence and the mouse looses power. to counteract this i've had to buy a external powered usb hub which works ok. I've also noticed as well that the core cell on the board makes an annoying clicking sound on boot up every time, this did not happen before the surge. However Device manager tells me that everything is working perfect. Scince this problem, my computer seems to be going loony, the other day it failed to even turn on. what could be the problem here ?

  Totally-braindead 20:25 16 May 2006

Do you have a decent power supply?

  midasxl8 10:08 17 May 2006


The power supply is a thermaltake silent power 480w and is working ok, its been tested on another computer.

  rmcqua 10:13 17 May 2006

Is the USB sound card (the one that caused the warning) working OK? I have a feeling that it is drawing so much power from its USB port that the other USB ports are being deprived of power, hence only one will work at a time.
Try removing the USB sound card and see what effect that has.

  midasxl8 12:24 18 May 2006

hi the sound card was removed when the problem happened and the problem is still occuring, i havn't plugged it in since.
but like i said, the device manager tells me that everything is ok when obviously it isn't. Also i'm confussed as to why i get this annoying clicking sound from the corecell on the mother board on boot up.

  rmcqua 14:08 18 May 2006

What do you mean by the "corecell"? I don't recognise that description.

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