USB ports v1 or 2

  TimCDC 08:50 14 Jun 2004

I'm about to buy some digitial video editing software that requires a high speed usb 2.0 port. Can anyone tell me (a) how to check whether my computer has version 1 or 2, and (b) if it would matter if it only had version 1 (I know it would work slower, but would it still work?) Thanks,

  ventanas 08:52 14 Jun 2004

Look at the USB controllers in Device Manager. If one of them says Enhanced then you have USB2.

  TimCDC 09:02 14 Jun 2004

I'm ordering this for work. I've established that the laptop on which this software might at times be installed, does have a usb v 2.0. But I can't get into the device manager on the desktop on which it will at other times be installed, as it is restricted to administrators. Our IT department are non-existent, so there's no point pursuing through them...would the software still run (even if not as well) on a usb v 1.0? the machine is about 18 months old at the most, so I guess it would probably have usb 2.0 anyway?

  TimCDC 09:03 14 Jun 2004

sorry to get your name wrong!

  €dstowe 09:35 14 Jun 2004

If I may make a comment. A laptop is not an ideal type of machine for video work. It is far better to use a Desktop machine with two or more hard drives, plenty of RAM and a good speed CPU.

Video processing is VERY resource hungry and uses a lot of hard disk space during and after processing.

- - - and a point about USB 1 or 1.1 - neither of these is fast enough for video work. You need USB 2 or Firewire to be able to get sufficient data transfer speed.

As a final note, video editing can be fraught with difficulties and innumerable problems if not approached in a serious and logical way. What I mean is that you are unlikely to get good results by loading the software into any old machine and hoping for the best. For professional or semi-professional work, this is even more important.

We have just set up two desktop machines dedicated to video editing. An ordinary run of the mill machine was just not suitable for the work we wanted to do.


  TimCDC 09:39 14 Jun 2004

Looks as though I'll need to find out what the spec is on our desktop. (The back story is that we did get one in our office dedicated just to video editing...but the package we got, don't know its name, is too difficult, allegedly, to use, so I was asked to find something easier!). Take your very helpful point about laptops, though. Thanks

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