USB ports always on despite PC turned off?

  MAC 08:42 02 Mar 2004

A friend owns a 3 month old Mesh PC with an Asus A7N8X-VM motherboard, the BIOS states Revision 1008. Since owning the computer from new she has been puzzled why the USB powered devices such as the optical mouse and the modem stay powered up when the PC has been powered down? The only way to turn the power off to these devices is to turn off the mains wall socket for the PC itself.

Unfortunately in this case my friend’s family is paranoid about having unnecessary electrical products running over night and would like the USB ports to turn off along with the computer.

Is there a means through the use of jumpers or in the BIOS to modify this feature?

Thank you.

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 10:05 02 Mar 2004

Hi Mac,
I'm not a great person for keeping unnecessary electrics running during the night or even connected. I'm not paranoia about it, it's just that wherever there is a connection, there is a chance of fire be it ever so remote.

I always not only switch off my computer I switch it off at the plug as well so everything is disabled. If I'm out of the house for a long time say holidays or a long weekend, I disconnect everything which is not essential at the plug.

This is Good safety practice, and I certainly think it's extremely safe and sensible of your friends family.


  johnnyrocker 10:11 02 Mar 2004

doesn't help the problem,
i would suggest contacting mesh as this could be the forerunner of bigger things to come.


  Big Elf 10:48 02 Mar 2004

Mine does it too. I think it's a feature of modern power supplies and I haven't found an option anywhere for turing them off other than at the mains socket.

  MESH Support 11:05 02 Mar 2004

The ATX specification changed the way that power to a PC system worked. Although other systems may seem to be powered down when you look at them, if it's ATX, and the mains power is still connected, then the motherboard is still receiving power. Depending on how various pieces of hardware are configured you may see evidence of this.

That said, I am not entirely sure about the USB devices remaining fully powered. I think it would be best for an engineer to speak to your friend.

Could you ask them to contact me via [email protected] with their serial number and your screen name (MAC - to reference the forum thread)?


Mesh Support

  Gemma 11:14 02 Mar 2004

of the PC where the power lead goes in. Both of my domestic PCs have a power switch there. Modern power supplies are designed to keep power on the motherboard to serve sections that allow things such as "wake on LAN", "wake on modem" to work. The switch round the back will turn the power supply off fully. The big switch on the front normally just generates an interupt to tell the power management software what to do and, if held for around 6 seconds, forces a power down come what may.

  billyliv 11:28 02 Mar 2004

Hi, I found the best way to switch off was to fit an 8 way Switched Power surge Protector to the back of the computer table. (The wall plug is in an awkward position behind the computer table) Once the PC has powered down flick the Protector switch and everything is dead. Cheers, Bill

  MAC 15:11 02 Mar 2004

To all that took the time to answer this conundrum thank you. Especially to Davey at Mesh, I recommended your PC to my friend as I have always admired your systems so feel obliged to help her out. We shall gather all the information and contact you directly in the next few days.

By the way her power supply or processor fan (did not want to open the case) has started to make an awful noise at start-up, audibly changing RPM’s. Then after a few minutes or so all quietens down.

If it comes to sending out an engineer perhaps he can take a look at this as well.

Will be in contact soon.


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