USB Ports

  muffin1947 11:01 07 Jul 2008

I bought myself a new case and I have transfered everything from my old case and everything is working except the four USB ports at the rear.I have noticed that one may be damaged as I think I may have tried to force a USB connector into it.If one port is damaged does it mean that I will not be able to use the other three and if that is not the case why will the other three not work .

  Dopeman 11:09 07 Jul 2008

it's probably on the same ciruit, one stops working, current is then not flowing through it, in turn causes - for lack of a better word - a 'gap' in the circuit.

just a guess though

  Dopeman 11:11 07 Jul 2008

to add to my post by same circuit i meant 2 ciruciuts in total, each running 4 USB ports

  ronalddonald 11:28 07 Jul 2008

you crack the usb if it hasnt try the other one but look at the connections carefully b4 you put them in. They should slot in eaily with a firm push. When look at the connection of the item you want to plug there should be a space a plastic bit ninside and some space with striped at the bottom.

There should be two small open squares at the top with some depth, and two at the bottm which are sealed. With the two suares open at the top insert into the ub connection and c if it works, in hte spare connection. Youve could of demageed the wire usb just buy another and c if works if not then you will have to take the computer a repair shop to get it fixed

If you want to get a usb exnsion where ther more usb connections on it. You can get the from ASda currys, maplin and c if that works.

Good luck in your mission

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