USB Port/Install Issues

  ANJB78 17:24 15 Oct 2004

This one has me baffled but I'll try to give as detailed a description as I can.

Basically I have 2 items 1 called an XPort which connects via USB to my Playstation 2 and a normal webcam, Both these items have been plugged and unplugged at various times before with no problems, All the software worked fine until the past few days when on plugging back in my webcam first of all (I only have 2 USB ports and 1 is always in as its my broadband connection so I have to unplug the other a lot) it fails to recognise the hardware despite it working fine before and still having all the software and drivers on the computer, NOW I find the same thing happens with my XPort aswell despite the port being enabled fine and my mobile phone software works fine when connected to that same port.

I have recently upgraded to XP Service Pack 2 and noticed it could have been since that went on that these stopped working but im not 100% being honest, I have tried uninstalling that but I still cant get these items to work which is causing me to tear my hair out as I badly need to get them working ASAP.

I have tried System Restore with no result either and have uninstalled all software for both and tried starting from scratch but Windows again fails to recognise either and will not let me install my own drivers for the "unknown device" If I try starting again it tells me that no drivers are installed yet when I try to search for drivers or load them from the discs provided with the hardware items it tells me the best drivers are already installed.

Can someone please shed some light on this its driving me crazy and I can not get it right

  ANJB78 17:27 15 Oct 2004

Also I should point out that I have a software item called Reigstry Mechanic which has been run and cleared several items itself both when these items were plugged in to the USB and also unplugged, Im not sure if that could have changed anything but thought I had better mention to ensure I give as detailed a description as possible.

I just cant figure out why whenever I plug either item into the USB port the computer lists them as unknown devices and wont let me install the software to use them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:30 15 Oct 2004

2 ports on rear of PC--- is BB midem still working in second port?

Does equipment work if swpped from one port to the other?

Both ports not working = faulty Mobo or drivers

one port not working = faulty port

Type of MObo and chipset? (Via?)

  ANJB78 17:43 15 Oct 2004

BB is working fine but im not keen to undo it now of course for fear of losing the net if it decides to play up once I plug that back in.

It cant be the port as I have software that enables me to connect my mobile phone to the USB port and that still works fine in the very same port that these two items wont work in.

  Dorsai 17:47 15 Oct 2004

While USB is supposed to allows the repeated plugging in and unplugging of devices, even with the PC on, I got a PCI expansion card when i ran out of USB sockets, as i don't quite trust the claims that always come with PC stuff.

I did not want to damage or 'wear out' a USB socket, or damage the USB controller, when they were integral parts of the Mobo.

The extra 4 ports on the PCI card mean it can all be plugged in at once (or at least the cables for the camera etc. can be left plugged all the time.)

The printer and modem go into the Mobo USB plugs. They are plugged in 24/7.

the rest goes through the PCI card. If anything gets damaged, it hopefully will be the PCI card, or the cable, both easily replaceable, and cheaper than a new Mobo.

  ANJB78 17:51 15 Oct 2004

Thats sounds like a good idea for the future, What I dont understand though is this seems to be something to do with XP rather than the port itself or surely my mobile software would not be recognised when I plug that in would it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 15 Oct 2004

Try Rollback /uninstalling the USB drivers, SP2 loads a different set of drivers for the USB ports.

  ANJB78 17:57 15 Oct 2004

What do you suggest is the best method for this?, Im not totally new to computers but I dont know a huge amount I must admit, I have tried uninstalling the devices each time but it still picks them up as unknown devices and seems to stop me doing anything, What do you advise I try to rollback the USB drivers?

I'll let you know if this is what I have done once im sure, Thanks

  Dorsai 18:05 15 Oct 2004

This may be irrelevant, but when i ran out of USB ports, originally started unplugging the printer, to plug my camera in. Not long after the printer stopped working right on USB. But worked fine on a serial cable, so left it on the serial cable.

I then wanted a scanner, so said 'nuff swapping, four USB things, 2 sockets, and got the PCI card.

plugged scanner and camera into PCI card. All worked fine.

then thought, will give printer a go again on USB (faster and better quality output, no pausing during printing, waiting for data). It worked fine, on the socket it used to be on, but had stopped working on, when regularly swapped with another device.

Almost as if the USB socket was remembering 'I am for a camera' so would not work with a printer.

Strange, but true.

  woodchip 18:12 15 Oct 2004

Remove SP2 from Add Remove

  Dorsai 18:18 15 Oct 2004

Plus, that was before SP2 on my PC. All still working fine, post SP2.

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